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Title: Unknown Country
Fandom: Love Mode (manga)
Previously posted here, in the Yuletide archive for the obscure fandoms secret santa
Written for [ profile] orangensaft for the Yuletide 2006 Challenge
Not gen.
Notes: This is a pairing I'd never thought I'd write, even though I like both characters, for a fandom I never thought I'd write in, though I do like it, but that's also what Yuletide's for. It's set kind of before the series starts, but after the flashbacks.
Funnily enough, I had a very clear idea of where I wanted this fic to go, but it put up a bit of a struggle getting there. Also, I had this poem in my mind when I was writing it:
Love without hope, as when the young bird-catcher
Swept off his tall hat to the Squire's own daughter,
So let the imprisoned larks escape and fly
Singing about her head, as she rode by.
By Robert Graves.

All comments and criticisms appreciated.
Blue Boy parties were always spectacular )
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Title: Practice
Fandom: Slam Dunk (manga and anime)
Previously posted here, in the Yuletide archive for the obscure fandoms secret santa
Written for [ profile] orangensaft for the Yuletide 2006 Challenge
Not gen.
Notes: This is one of my guilty-pleasure, "No wait, it makes sense, really!", in the face of a lack of canon (or even fandom) support.
All comments and criticisms appreciated.
Not everything is immediate. )
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Title: Chase
Fandom: Slam Dunk (manga and anime)
Previously posted here, in the Yuletide archive for the obscure fandoms secret santa
Written for [ profile] orangensaft for the Yuletide 2006 Challenge
Not gen.
Notes: One of the things I like best about Yuletide is the chance to write in those fandoms you've always meant to write in, but never got around to, like this one for me.
All comments and criticisms appreciated.

It's a good thing, Sendoh thinks, that he has a sense of humour. )
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Title: Shogatsu
Fandom: Here is Greenwood
Previously posted in the Yuletide archive for the obscure fandoms secret santa
Written for Calliope for the Yuletide 2005 Challenge
Gen, with canon het references.

His brother was small, round and loud. )
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Fic: Lessons learnt along the way
Fandom: Naruto
Notes: No real spoilers. Takes place while Naruto is off training with Jiraiya for three years. Gen, but some adult content mentioned. No real warnings for sex or violence.
Thanks to [ profile] askerian for audiencing.

This is what Jiraiya learns in Hachida. )
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UGH, (Under Grand Hotel) for anyone interested, is a yaoi manga set in a prison. Like Oz, if it was populated with 90% bishounen.

behind an lj cut because you *did* read the above description, right? )
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for the [ profile] narutoyaoi community? And it pretty much had to be yaoi.

So I was a good girl and did my yaoi entry, but this was in my head too )

Sakura/Lee. Tiny little snippet.
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Kagome could be oddly brash about some things, then oddly quiet about others.

"Hanyou are weaker," said Shippou, with the unthinking superiority of the young. "And a lot of the time they're crazy too- twice as craxy, because they're crazy like a human and crazy like a youkai. That's why you can't trust them. You always have to be ready to get the advantage, because sometimes they get crazy-strength, so you have to get the first blow. Uh," he frowned and tried to remember what else he'd heard about them.

Inu-Yasha snorted. "That's why most demons won't think twice about turning on a hanyou, lying to them or cheating them."

His family were not cannibals, either of human or youkai, by biology. By circumstance, sometimes, yes, but not by necessity, habit or addiction. Demons and humans could be meal, if there was nothing else around, but hunting them for food was something lesser demons did, to his mind. Ones that needed to strengthen their power by absorbing others.

Still, he'd met enough to know that for demons like that, hanyou could be a treat. Something with the raw power of a youkai, and the vulnerability of a human. Acceptable to human-eaters and demon-eaters both.
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He let Filia make the introductions. No point shocking them with his all-but-adult form, no matter how tempting it was to see their reactions. And Filia was pretty good at this, having learnt a few things since she first met Lina and company, like making sure there was a lot of food to distract them from asking questions. In fact, he noticed that she held some stuff in reserve, enough for Lina, Gourry and Amelia to concentrate on getting their fair share, rather than her deliberate prattle about how Val-chan was growing up so much quicker, how he seemed to remember some things- and that was timed with desert- and how, perhaps, it was time for him to see a little more of the world.

The chimera didn't eat, and was obviously making notes on everything Filia said. Val was 50% sure that Lina was hearing every word too, even if her mouth was too full to comment on it.

He decided to make his appearance by bring in coffee and biscuits. They weren't subtle about keeping their eyes on him, and he saw more than one pair of eyes widen at his appearance.

"Geez, you look young enough to have to sneak into pubs," Lina said. "I remember when you were this big," and she held her hands an eggs-length apart. "And now look at you! Almost all grown up. Again." She titled her head on her side. "What are you know, twelve? Fourteen?"

He scowled. He looked at least sixteen and he knew it, and Lina still looked like she was twelve, so she had no right to go around commenting on other people, only to be interrupted by Gourry. "Lina, that's not nice. You know how sensitive you get when people say you look like a twelve year old boy."
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Carrot. It was Carrot, and just as obviously, not. Carrot's skin, even when furred, feathered or scaled, was never dappled like that, as if someone had painted him with leopard spots and washed them off, leaving them faded. Even his hair looked like that, splodges of almost golden-brown mixed in with his normal dark. His eyes were golden, slitted like a cat and strangely, that was almost comforting, more like his normal zoanthropy-induced changes. When he yawned, his teeth were sharper and when he rubbed his hand with the back of his hand his nails were like claws.

And then he noticed the others, dropped to all fours and the change settled on him like a cloak, almost instantaneous, turning him into that cat-like beast of last night.

In fact, it looked like a cross between a mountain lion and a hyena, Marron thought. It rumbled something threatening in it's throat and he saw the others tense slightly in preparation. Tira and Chocolate were used to the necessity of controlling Carrot in his bestial forms.

Marron, on the other hand, was incapable of harming his brother and he was deeply afraid that Carrot would disappear back into the forest before Tira or Chocolate could put a leash on him. He crouched low to the ground, head held low enough that his hair would pick up leaves from the forest floor and very slowly began to move towards Carrot. Body language... anything to show that he wasn't a threat. Carrot had seemed to recognise them last night, enough for him to collapse in their camp, and even like this he might remember that they were family or pack or pride or whatever it was for hyenas and big cats.

Carrot growled again, but this time there was a note of something else in it too, something Marron chose to believe was confusion. He kept up a low, constant stream of reassuring babble until he reached him. He held out his hands palm up and let Carrot bend his head to them, not shaking when that mouth with those wicked looking fangs grazed them.

"niisan," he said with relief. He sat down, almost collapsing, and Carrot rested his front paws and head in Marron's lap. Marron scratched him behind the ears and was rewarded with a deep purr. And then, because he was deeply practical, he used his free hand to grab one of his ofuda, shape it into a long roll and tie it to Carrot with one of the longer bits of fur on his neck. It glowed for a moment and Carrot shook his head, disturbed, looking at Marron with something like betrayal, before settling back down in Marron's lap.
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Yellowed and calloused fingers identified her as a smoker and a fisher-woman. Her teeth were strong, although... and here he found a small clove, still trapped behind a tooth. Cloves against toothache.

Her hair was lighter at the roots, though not by much. He'd guess a homemade dye, one that wore out rather than grew out. Most of it out of the woven braid she'd put it in, tangled and loose around her face.

Her skin was nut-brown, to her waist. It was paler between there and her knees. One of the coarser women then, who stripped down to their waists like the men did when they hauled in their nets. It didn't speak well for identifying the body, though she'd probably be well known enough in her area. Kei wouldn't bother, if he didn't thank he could make back the money for finding the body and preparing it for the funeral.

Still, that wasn't his concern. He was hired for the initial assessment, to find out what he could to identify the body, and pass on his findings to the boss, who'd decide if it was worth putting out a notice found of the body. Signs of violence would be taken to the police, who paid for the information.

This one had been a mother, though not recently. Her face had laughter lines and when he lifted up the eyelids, the eyes were light hazel.

He was uncomfortably aware that she was -had been- an attractive woman. Her body had kept itself together better than most corpses, and the fish had barely touched it. Unusual, that. He signed half-heartedly to his chosen gods with one hand.

There were bruises on her hip and scratch marks on her back, He measured them against his hand and decided they'd come from a woman, maybe even a youkai. When he looked at them through the lens, they had the weird precision h'd seen in youkai cuts, razor blade-like. There were half-moons on the shoulders, with bruises underneath. Not deep though, as if the other had been trying not to dig too hard...

he blinked and stepped back at the sudden, detailed image that assaulted him. His study and a okapi girl, delicate and vicious, naked with the okapi trying to keep from digging her nails too hard by pressing down with her heel of her palm.

He shook his head to clear the thought. Bad enough to know what the others said about him, that he liked his corpses too much, that he spent more time courting a dead girl than a living, that he'd pay to do this if they weren't paying him. No truth in it at all, only that he was good, and he could never stand a mystery, and there was nothing more mysterious than a stranger's corpse.

And now he was having these thoughts, that were totally unlike him and...

It was just that the woman still seemed so pretty. Like she'd get up off the table any minute, laugh and offer to drink him under the table. Her face still carried the trace of a hard life, lived well. Her hair was soft, even with the tangles.
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He stumbled across them entirely by accident.

His brother was asleep, lying down across the girl's lap. she was still awake, sitting upright, her back against the tree, while one hand stroked his hair. The other rested on her bow. Her eyes were black in the dim light and she looked tired.

The smell from the herbs drowned out almost everything apart from traces of smoke from the fire and a mixture of blood. Even with his youkai vision, he had the uncomfortable sensation that she could see him, standing upright and the moonlight dancing off his mostly-white outfit, better than he could see her, with her dark hair blending into the shadows. Her expression was blank and unreadable, and her hand kept stroking hi brother's hair in a soothing, almost maternal gesture.

Even in his sleep, his brother's ears twitched nervously.

The monk and the human demon hunter slept on either side. Close to the hunter, a small many-tailed cat demon curled up with the fox-cub, their tails intertwined and breathing in unison, but as he watched the cat opened one lazy eye.

He knew, from the times he'd seen him before, that his brother slept lightly. Even now, sprawled across the girl in a way quite unlike his usual one-step-from-action sleeping position, he kept one hand on the hilt of his sword.

Sesshomaru touched his own sword without realising it until the girl's eyes followed the movement. Her face was still smooth, but he knew with a sudden and complete certainty, that if he stepped forwards, if he forced her to raise the alarm and wake his brother and his companions, that she would never forgive him for that. That after, her arrows would aim for him with all her will, every ounce of her strength, not for his threats against her, or his previous attempts at taking back the tetsusaiga, back because of this moment.

If Inu-Yasha was woken up, she would try as hard as she could to kill him for it.

Inu-Yasha muttered something in his sleep, swiped at his ear and settled back down. The girl bent her head to look at him with an expression of fierce tenderness, something female and instinctive to any mother looking at her child, wife looking at her husband, sister at her baby brother.

He stepped back into the shadows silently and started to walk away.
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"Why did you become a shinigami?"

Watari blinked, opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again. He took off his glasses, huffed on them, and started to clean them with the bottom of his lab-coat. "Everyone has different reasons. I just... I never got to do what I wanted before I died. There was so much I wanted to find out, my research, and never enough time. Not enough money for what I really wanted to do, always having to waste time on other things. The world was so new and exciting and when I died I was." He stopped talking abruptly and looked at Hisoka for the first time. "I was furious. How dare they take me away from my life, my work, my... especially when I had just found out all these new, amazing things to research. Shikigami, rei power, ghosts... I couldn't leave."


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