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Just me trying to get all my fic up livejournal, including this example from my first ever Yuletide, back when I still went under the name magpie.
Title:Cumulative effort
Fandom: Good Omens
Written for: Vensre in the Yuletide 2003 Challenge
Previously posted at
All feedback appreciated.
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[ profile] girl_starfish has made me a happy bunny by writing some GO/DCU fic.

Agonie Aunte can be found over here.

When precognatives and time-travellers collide!
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They're both approximately the same height and colouring, one gave the impression of being darker, while the other has a steadfast aura of tweed. Being able to give the appearance of wearing a tweed suit while wearing spandex is rarely listed as a meta-ability, but Wally is starting to feel that it should be.

'Who are you? How did you...?' )
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Firstly, a little something I like to call the PreYJ OT3 Gen fic. Oh yes, it has a proper title, but I like all the little words and letters.

Young Justice (DCU):

The Case Of the Disappearing Felines.
Bart, Kon and Tim, when they were young, and Tim hadn't revealed his real name and Superboy didn't *have one*.

Next, in response to the amnesty challenge at [ profile] dc_flashfiction

Batman Beyond:
Beyond the Veil.
Bruce and Terry. Note: This at one point had the working title "big scary batgod fic."

And in case anyone missed it (and you weren't missing much),over at [ profile] weneedhelp,

DCU/Good Omens crossover madness!

Why yes, I am very suggestible. How did you know?"
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"Well, sometimes two demons, ones that have spent a bit too much together, sometimes they get certain- urges. It's not something we really talk about.  As long as they do it in private, where no-one can see and clean up all the pieces after, it's their own business."  Crowley took a large gulp of quite ridiculously strong gin that he had summoned without thinking, in a desperate attempt by his subconscious to preserve his mind. "Of course, they never do," he added. "Blessed exhibitionists, lurking in corners where any unsuspecting demon and trip over them." He shuddered at the memory.  "Some things are just wrong."

"Yeah, but you're a demon, you're meant to be wrong," Adam said.  "S'right for a demon, being wrong. I 'spect you can't help it."

Which sounded like he'd been talking to Aziraphale.  Crowley shot him a suspicious look.  "Yes," he said eventually, "but the way they do it, it's really, really wrong."

"Wronger than that?" Adam pointed at the TV screen where rather busty virgin was being tied to a suspiciously tentacle-ish tree.

"Yes," Crowley said very firmly. A memory flashed through his mind.  "Definitely."

"Huh," Adam said, looking thoughtful.

There was a moment of silence while they both looked at the screen.  "Do I need to talk about safe sex?" Crowley said while the actors on screen did obscene things with bad special effects.  "Because you know, the safest sex is possessio--"

"So what about you and him" Adam interrupted. His head was tilted on one side and his expression made him look a little like his father (the other one) and a lot like his ultimate creator. And there were a lot of ways Crowley could have answered, starting with "Him, who?", but something about that expression made him rethink it.

"That's... That's different," he said. 

Which was no answer at all, but was the truth.

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He tried to picture Aziraphale in a sexual situation. the image was awkward, to say the least, and only improved marginally when he took off the glasses and tweed. With some effort, he could imagine the angel politely lyingback and allowing the human to, well, have sex with him. Or flustered, but valiantly trying to help them with their task.

"Do you enjoy it?" He asked, giving up the image of the angel, mostly naked and asking the earnest young man if it helped if he knelt like this.

"Yes. It seems to put a damper on things if I don't," Aziraphale said, taking off his glasses and cleaning them. "I think they find it very hard to, to, throw themselves into it, as it were, if I'm not doing the same. And there's point doing things half-heartedly, after all."

"But surely you could just, well, fake it," Crowley said.

"You know how bad I am at lying," Aziraphale said. He put his glasses back on, and smiled.


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