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Title: Laugh and Lie Down
Fandom: DCU, containing Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Connor Hawke (Green Arrow)
Notes: DCU, mild sexual references. Title comes from the card game, Laugh and Lie Down As found by the terribly clever [ profile] petronelle. Based on a chat with [ profile] brown_betty, who therefore holds much of the responsibility for this.
Any feedback, including mistakes, always appreciated.

Laugh and Lie Down )
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Dick throws himself forward through the air, travelling through with more grace and direction than most flyers manage. His hands catch the top of the flag pole of lightening rod or whatever it is, and he swings around, pulling himself in and sliding down it.

He leans on it, looks and Roy and smirks. He's breathing heavily, but Roy knows it has more to do with how much he enjoyed that little demonstration than actual exertion.

Roy leans on to his bow. “I feel like I should be tucking money in to your G-string,” he says.

Dick blinks and looks confused for a second. “My-- what?”

Roy shakes his head. “Never mind."

Dick's always had that combination of control and carelessness about his body, a result of working it, training it and knowing it absolutely, to the point where he can be thoughtless with it.

Dick looks at him, then back at the pole. Hesitates for a moment like he's debating rolling his eyes, then grins at Roy. "Pole dancing can be a serious gymnastic sport, you know. Takes muscle endurance and coordination."

"Muscle endurance and coordination. Those are always the first thing I think of, when I see pole-dancers." Roy thinks about Gina and Isis and Gypsy. "Actually, that might be--"

He stops talking, because Dick has grabbed hold of the pole, pulled himself up, wrapping his legs around, and is leaning backwards, holding on with his legs, back arching until he's touching the ground with his hands. He pulls himself up, swings his whole body around the pole to build up momentum, then hooks one leg around the pole, spinning around it before grabbing his ankle with one hand and leaning back. His back arches and he hold the position for a moment before adjusting his position, gripping on to the pole with both hands and unfolding his legs, spreading them out and holding perfectly steady.

He flips upright, slides and spins down in to a smooth dismount.

Roy's throat is dry. He swallows a few times before he can speak. "Batman really got you the best trainers in everything, huh?"

Dick shrugs. He gives a half-smile, deliberately playful. "I don't suppose you'd believe it's all natural talent?"
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Title: The Buddy System.
Fandom: DCU, Titans
Notes: Even more gratuitous threesomes, this time Kon/Bart/Roy, once again brought about by a conversation between me and [ profile] derryderrydown. She may have been drinking. I have no excuse.
Thanks [ profile] petronelle for the beta and helping me give this an ending. You continue to rock.
Warnings: See notes. And I did mention that even by the standards of gratuitous threesome smut, this is particularly gratuitous? Right.

There's a rush of air that Roy recognises, )
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He's actually been in the kitchen for almost as long as Connor; he's long since finished his paper and cleaning his guns, checking the edge on his arrows, and he's pretty much run out of excuses to be there. It's a good thing Connor's big on the accepting thing, and hasn't actually asked Roy why he's there or anything, because Roy doesn't have any excuse for sitting at the kitchen table and Connor-watching, other than the obvious one that Connor-watching is an enjoyable pastime for anyone.

Roy could offer to help, but it's too-- something. Connor's hands are very clean and palms are slightly pink and there's one on the coriander and one hand on the knife and they're almost *brisk* as they move.

Sharp and agile.

The lid's on the pot where the beans are stewing, and every time Connor opens it up to check, there's this release of chili-smell. Black beans and half an onion with two whole chilies, un-sliced. Smells like home, and it's not *exactly* the same as Ollie's, but it's definitely Queen Chili.

Connor's almost the definition of grace, here as anywhere else. The onion looks like half a moon against the cherry-wood chopping board and Connor's finger are that little bit browner against it, Assam tea with milk, as he cuts it into uneven dice. Connor blinks and his eyes are brighter, greener, before he brushes the onions into an empty pan.

The chili is next, and there's the press of Connor's fingers against the vivid yellow and green and red of the peppers, bright colours and strong, fresh smell. The sound of the knife against the chopping board and Connor's humming Roy can't identify something under his breath.

Most of the pepper goes in with the onions, put Connor slips one green piece into his mouth, looking faintly mischievous.

Roy firmly believes that there's not a person alive who could resist the temptation Connor offers at this moment, and it's why he works hard to keep Grace from spending too much time with Connor. He'd be quite happy to watch Grace throw Connor over her shoulder, against the wall, and see Connor give her one of those break-your-heart kisses, but he'd want Connor back at the end and, well, Grace would probably want to keep him. Roy's up from the kitchen table and pressing Connor against the counter before he even realizes what he's doing.

"The beans need to be--"

"This'll only take a minute," Roy says, grinning as Connor rolls his eyes.

"Even I know that's a pretty lousy come-on," he says, but he doesn't push Roy away and he lets him catch his fingers, breath hitching when Roy puts them in his mouth. They taste mostly of onions and a bit of fresh chilies and make his mouth burn a little more. "That's not hygienic," Connor manages, while his free hand reaches behind him to turn off the gas.

Roy grins and drops to his knees.



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