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jamjar: There sure is a lot of screaming in this household. (Zebragirl: Screaming bubble)
So I'm off for holiday for two weeks. I expect to be pretty much internetless for the duration, though I plan to get back into the habit of writing by taking a notebook* and tiny, tiny pens. [ profile] ephemera, I've left Victory of Eagles with [ profile] megolas, so you can grab it off her and then we can flail when I get back.

I fear both the internet and my various inboxes when I get back, so if I miss anything, apologies in advance.

*Given my handwriting, even if I do write there's no guarantee that I'll be able to read it. But on the plus side, this probably is true if someone else looks at my notebook, which (since I'm on a family** holiday) is a very good thing.

**Family in this case being my immediates for pretty much all of it, one set of cousins, an aunt and uncle for most and then extended for the final weekend. I like my family, but yes, I am ready with iPod, books and knitting for when I need my Invisible Wall (honed by years of commuting on public transport) there.
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1) Prague is the most beautiful city I've been to. You know how you go to a city and you have to see a particular historical building, this example of baroque architecture, that old street? Like that, but for pretty much the whole city.

Pics taken are here, taken with my shiny new camera.

2) I'm Jam on Good Reads, which looks like a very shiny site indeed. So many books to add to my list!

3) Saw Guster at the Water Rats with [ profile] megolas and the drummer is just something else. Like watching Bruce Lee, but on drums. Seriously, you could not see his hands -and judging by the sounds, he had at least eight of them- as anything other than a blur. Pictures to follow when I've gone through and seen if there are any even remotely clear. Nice show, decent audience except for the girl that kept screaming in my ear. You're less than two metres from the band! You don't need to scream loud enough to actually hurt the people around you!

ETA: Fixed the link to Good Reads. Thanks [ profile] failing_angel!
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Just a quick note to say that I'm on holiday in Prague for the next few days with [ profile] megolas. Back late on Tuesday, so if you try to get me before then... well, you probably won't.
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Just to say that I'll be away and out of email contact until the 28th.

Yuletide and JBBS, I'm very sorry that I'll miss getting to read you right away, but I'm deeply relieved that I've got both challenges done on time (just!)
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Just to let you all know that I will be away from today to the 23rd, so if you want to contact me... well, you can't. Very limited phone and net access.

I'm feeling pretty chipper for having done both Yuletide and JBBS. Only We 3 Ships left, yay (note to self: talking about it in AIM is not the same as writing about it. No, it's not. No, not even if you do it a lot.) Also, I got a nice card from [ profile] derryderrydown which confirmed several longstanding suspicions I may have had about my potential importance to the Outsiders as well as a card from [ profile] sister_wolf which contained a lovely magnet that does not look like me, but I like to pretend it does anyway.
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If you want a card, in or or out of character, or both (I do love writing letters, postcards and the like), then comment below.

Comment with the name you'd like it addressed to, you address and if you have a specific holiday thing you want it for, Christmas, New Year's, Solstice, generic, whatever.

If you'd rather have a postcard, let me know.

All comments will be screened.


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