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So, the wonderfully intelligient Brainiac 5 fic I received was by [ profile] sparcck, and the fic I wrote was Obfuscation for [ profile] derryderrydown. Thanks to everyone that listened to my cries of "I don't know what I'm doing!" and extra thanks to [ profile] petronelle, [ profile] girl_starfish and [ profile] brown_betty for beta-reading, hand-holding and general goodness.

Title: Obfuscation
Fandom: DCU, Flash
Notes: Originally written for the 2006 Comica Obscura challenge. Featuring Linda Park. Gen.

She wakes up and opens her eyes. )
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Title: The Buddy System.
Fandom: DCU, Titans
Notes: Even more gratuitous threesomes, this time Kon/Bart/Roy, once again brought about by a conversation between me and [ profile] derryderrydown. She may have been drinking. I have no excuse.
Thanks [ profile] petronelle for the beta and helping me give this an ending. You continue to rock.
Warnings: See notes. And I did mention that even by the standards of gratuitous threesome smut, this is particularly gratuitous? Right.

There's a rush of air that Roy recognises, )
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Sequel to this Ray/Bart gen I wrote.

"Hey Bart, sorry I'm late but-- whoa. Homework? You're doing homework?" Ray picks the book off the table. 'Shouldn't this take you about three seconds?'  )
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Title: Play
Disclaimer: Not mine, belongs to the wonderful world of DCU toons
Extra disclaimer: All [ profile] thete1's fault. As are some of the lines, and a lot of the action.
Notes: Totally gratuitous chatborn porn threesomes. I *must* stop doing this. )
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Note: It's *hard* to write Tim/Bart without Kon in there somewhere.

Tim doesn't use quiet to hurt. He's not exactly talktive, but he's not grim-and-brooding, either, or at least, not all the time. But he is quiet, at least compared to the rest of Young Justice, and sometimes Bart can be in a room with him for hours, and Tim won't talk.

But he doesn't use silence to hurt people, or to make them feel like they don't belong.

He used to talk a lot more in fights. Not just the "hey, bad guy, I'm going to say something witty and distracting so we can beat you up more easily" banter, but like, talking to him and Kon and Cassie and Cissie. Instructions and statements and criticisms.

The last fight, Tim barely said *anything* to them that wasn't a request for new information. And at the cave, he didn't ask Bart if he was okay before he got a bunch of energy bars from the kitchen, or tell Kon that his TTK was really improving before he got him to help Cissie get back in time for school.

It's contagious or something, because Cassie didn’t say a word before she made a pizza run, and Kon took the second controller for the Playstation without asking. They all do it a bit now, but Tim does it the most.

It's funny, because Bart hates being told to keep it down, or stop talking or just for-the-love-of-God-ShutUp!, but he's really starting to love the bilingual thing. He might not be so great on the oral, but he's getting a lot better at listening.

He can have whole conversations with Tim's silences.

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I *will* write a proper crossover drabble, but this came out of my head anyway.

Bart doesn't name names, but you can fill in the blanks.

DCU/Johnny Maxwell crossover, in my head at least.

"Bart," Tim said. "How's the exchange trip going?"

"Really great! But England is really, really strange. I think that's why it doesn't have so many heroes, is just because no-one *notices* this stuff, 'cause it's happeningallthetime."

"Yeah?" And the key to successful communication with Bart, Tim had long since decided, was to make sure you had a recording somewhere so you could play it back slowly later. "Have you met anyone interesting?" He said, switching the recording function on, lowering the volume slightly and bringing up weather patterns for the Gotham/Bludhaven area.

"Yeah,but they'reallykinda *strange*, y'know?"

"Yeah?" Hmm, looked like the pressure was going to drop at around two.

"And there's this boy, he's got like--"

Was worth substituting two regular Batarangs for electro-shock ones, given the 58% chance of rain?


"Uh-huh." Of course, it could be a good time to test the new prototype ribbon shockers. Bruce had wanted to wait until Fall, and more consistently damp weather, but now might be as good a time as any.


"Really?" He could check with Oracle, see if there was anything important happening tonight.


"Weird." If there was nothing significant in the works, he could pass by the cave before patrolling and pick up the new prototype shockers.

"--TitaniajusthasissuesorsomethingsoifBatmanstartsscreamingaboutfairyringsandgrowing, like,prettylittlebutterflywings,that'swhathappenedand its *totally* not my fault."

"Oka-- wait?"


Communicators don't have a ring tone, and when Bart hung up there was nothing but silence.

Tim stared at the screen.

Testing the prototypes could wait until Fall.



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