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She really, really is.

Yesterday I went to the Amanda Palmer videoshoot [ profile] megolas for Leeds United, which will be the first single off her new solo album, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer".

Pictoral evidence! I am the shorter one! )

More pictures here, of variable quality.

I also went with [ profile] megolas on Thursday last week to see Amanda at the ICA.

She really is kind of amazing (pictures and video below the cut). )

My feelings on the whole thing can be pretty much summed up by this picture.
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So in the last week and a bit I went to four Cobra Starship shows. In my defence, I only intended to go to two. For the record, it is extremely dangerous to check the availability of tickets while you're still feeling the post-show high.

Also in my defence, Cobra Starship are incredible live. Every show, I came out of it feeling giddy and happy and just so glad to have gone, and every show, they seemed so happy and excited and on, when they were on stage. They have such joy on stage -such fun- and more charisma and charm than anyone can possibly be expected to resist. And they manage to be even hotter in person than on screen, which you would not think possible.

This is probably a placeholder post until I can get coherent about them, which is not easy. I really can't say enough about how much I love seeing this band. It's not just that the music is great live, but they know how to work a crowd and every show is good and different to the last. They're professionals, but I went to four shows and the opening banter for the songs was different for each one. They play around on stage and they rock the fuck out and they have all this great energy and they throw it out to the crowd. They want you to have to have a great time and they're having a great time and it shows.

It goes both ways because the crowd loves them. Not every show was sold out, but three of the four shows I went to were, including the London Astoria two (cap. 1,200), which was not only sold out, but sold out so much that even the touts were left begging. I think that may have been the biggest non-festival. I don't know if London loves them particularly, but it has had more chance to see them and it is a proven fact that exposure to Cobra Starship leads to an increased desire to see them again. And again. And then be sad and somewhat bitter that you can't see them a fifth time.
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My first update in many, many years, and it's a concert report for shows I saw about a month ago. Since [ profile] megolas and I kind of failed utterly at doing our post-show reports separately, we've done them together.

For the record, tickets to Fall Out Boy and Bloc Party were found via Scarlet Mist, a free face value fan-to-fan ticket-swap service for Music Festivals and Concerts. Anyone in the UK, it's definitely worth checking that website out if you're after something sold-out. Their motto is "We don't have to deal with Ticket Touts, Scalpers, Whores and Mercenaries. We can do this ourselves."

Sadly, the zoom on my camera wasn't working so while I took many pictures, they're all kind of bad. If you're interested, you can see them here. The mosaic looks cool, at least.

The Cobra Starship ones are slightly better since a bunch of them were from The Water Rats show.

Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Shiny Toy Guns [2/03/07, Hammersmith Apollo, London]
Jam on CS )Meg )

Fall Out Boy:
View from Jam's seat )Meg )

Madeleine Peyroux [17/03/07, Hammersmith Apollo]
Jam )
Meg )

Bloc Party/Biffy Clyro/Mahogany: [19/03/07, Brixton Academy, London]
Meg )
Jamjar )

Cobra Starship at the Water Rats, which I went to see on my own. Damn Meg's family and their desire to spend time with her!:

Cobra Starship at the Water Rats: )
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State of Jam: work )

Also, I saw Thea Gilmore in concert last night, at the Koko in Camden. She really is just amazingly good, and is disturbingly attractive for being 35 weeks pregnant. I think I prefer her live version of "Have you Heard", and I'm definitely going to get her newest album. Seriously, her voice is just a cut above the rest, you know? And she gives good concert, nice banter, but not so much talking, there's no space for the songs. Sadly, she didn't do "The dirt is your lover now" or "December in New York", but she did sing about half old songs, half from the new album, including "This Girl", "Mainstream", and "Juliet".

Really great voice-- like I think she actually manages to sound better in concert than on disc. Speaking of discs, I managed to pick up a spare freeby dvd which has three tracks off her new album, so if anyone wants it, let me know.
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Back stage gossip is interesting, even when it's about people you don't know, organisations in a field you really don't know much about, and occasionally in a language you haven't studied since you were sixteen.

The New Zealand orchestra was the happiest orchestra I've ever seen, and with one of the rowdiest audiences. People snuggled to Mahler songs about an army of dead soldiers going to visit someone's sweetheart. Also, you can tell when a singer does a lot of opera by how much they sing to the audience.

I really want to listen to that bizarre Alice In Wonderland opera when it's finished.

William Walton's Symphony No. 1 is the classical-music-for-the-dumped. It has four movements, which are basically Angry, Bitter (to be played, according to the program, con maliza), Regret and I'm-mostly-okay-but-I'm-still-not-entirely-over-you. I heartily reccomend it, not least because it sounds exactly like it should.

I like it when the soloist and the conductor hug at the end like they really mean it, especially when the solist is tall, talented, pretty and young (and a nice guy, but spoilt, according my aunt who Knows Things).

So basically, it was pretty good to go to. Some bits I liked more than others- I cannot stay awake during a slow movement to save my life- but I'm glad I went to all of them.

I feel so cultured.


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