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Steamed pear and ginger pudding

I love steamed puddings. They're light and lovely and comforting, they often contain wonderful things, like ginger or blackberries or jam, and they have names like "sticky toffee pudding" which tells you pretty much everything you want to know about the pudding in question.*

They're also very hard to get wrong. It's very difficult to burn a steamed pudding, and I've never had one come out badly, ever.

This recipe was the desert for the family lunch, so it's suitable for 8-12 people. Amounts for the ginger and pear topping are approximate-- it's to taste and to amount, so if you want a lot of topping, add more pears, if you want more ginger, add more.

For this much mixture, I used a 1.5 litre pudding basin. Butter it well before you start.

Pear and ginger topping )

Basic Steamed Pudding Mixture (for 8-12) )

*let's ignore Spotted Dick for the moment, whose name (thankfully) tells you nothing about how nice the actual pudding is.
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So last Saturday we had a family lunch, which included aunts, uncles, cousins (first and second) as well as parents and siblings. This was the main course.

Fish cakes are really easy. The basic recipe is as follows:
Basic recipe. )

My variations. )

I also made Tarter Sauce )

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This Johari meme thing is addictive.

Also, Red Pepper and Goat's Cheese Soup.

This is such a great soup, really taking the best from the ingredients. I recommend this even for people that's aren't that keen on goat's cheese.

Red Pepper and Goat's Cheese Soup )
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Firstly, [ profile] rubynye has been doing an icon fic meme over here, and has done a lovely OT3 for me over here, which you should all go and read.

And now, the recipe:

Lemon grass and ginger tofu nuggets )
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I'm not a massive fan of brazil nuts, which is why it surprised me that I like this recipe as much as I do. They are very filling, and good for having cold as leftovers the next day.

This makes a good sized portion for four, with maybe some left over
Brazil nut and chickpea savoury cakes )
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You can use a couple of tins of kidney beans instead of dried, which takes off a lot of the prepration and cooking time, but I prefer to use dried ones, since it turns the meat kind of purple and I am easily amused.

You can also vary the amount of bacon, depending on how much you like the taste.

Red bean, pork and plantain stew. )
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This really is one of the best fish sauces, ever. My dad generally has at least a medium-sized jar on the go in the fridge. It works especially well with bass, which not every sauce does (bass is just such a light fish), but really, it's good with a lot of things, and easy enough to make. The sauce needs to be made at least a day in advance, but it keeps really well.

Sea Bass with Herb Sauce )


Aug. 14th, 2005 06:37 pm
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Have successfully returned from a trip to Nunhead Cemetery, my favourite cemetery or place of burial, with two containers of blackberries and several small pains from brambles and stinging nettles.

The weather`wasn't perfect, but it was nice. There were a few families with kids, someone else blackberrying and the usual walkers. Nunhead is still a working cemeter, though I didn't go that far up today.

Pictures here.


Aug. 11th, 2005 03:34 pm
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Sainsbury's is a dangerous place for a girl that's been in Japan for two years. I walked in and I didn't even get halfway around the store before I realised I'd have to stop, since I already had too much to comfortably carry home. I had to forcibly remind myself that i am just one person. I cannot eat a whole thing of roast lamb by myself. I cannot wait for my family to get back so I can make this stuff and then eat it.

It's just... I went in, and there was fruit! Masses of it! And gorgeous, beautiful tomatoes and *herbs* and good juice, not manky from-concentrate stuff, and a deli-counter where I could buy *olives*! Different kinds! And chorizo!

And all the good things -the special offer on New Covent Garden Soups, the different meats, the fruit...

Oh, food is good.

Also, I love this area. All of these big, old trees, all the front gardens and the window boxes. It's so much more green than Japanese cities, and mostly kind of overgrown, not trimmed and tweezed into a perfect shape.
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500-750g some kind of white, flaky fish. I worry about cod reserves (it's a thing), so I tend to use what looks good, but something cod-like. Cut it into three or four pieces, skin it if you want (I usually don't bother)
A few cloves of garlic, crushed
olive oil
2 onions sliced
500g tomatoes, skinned and chopped
2 teaspoons chopped thyme
2 teaspoons soy sauce
salt & pepper

I got into the habit of roasting a few heads of garlic and keeping them in the fridge, so whenever I need garlic, I can just squeeze out a few cloves, all soft and easy to rub in. If you don't have that, then just crush the garlic.

Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the fish and rub in the garlic. Set aside.

Fry the onion in a medium saucepan. When it's soft, add the tomatoes, soy sauce and thyme and cook until it's all bubbling and mushy (at least 10 minutes)

Add the fish, cover and cook for 12-15 minutes until done.

I usually have this with boiled potatoes, but any starch will do. The tomato base can be made in advance.

Really good, really simple and pretty quick.
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Growing up, this is what I thought muesli was. I couldn't understand the stuff in boxes.

Juice (apple, orange, cranberry, whatever)
1 tub of yogurt (about 500g)
3-5 apples
Raisins, sultanas, dried cranberries, whatever dried fruit you like
Nuts, whatever kind you like, but plain

This is one of those recipes you make to the limits of your ingredients. The more apples you have, the more you put in, so mine tends to range between 3 and 6.

Put a good few handfuls of oats in the bottom of a mixing bowl. Cover with juice, and let them soak it up a bit while you grate the apples. Add the grated apples, yogurt, dried fruit and nuts. If you're using sharp apples, Granny Smiths or whatever, or your yogurt is very sharp, you can add some honey to taste.

Leave overnight so the dried fruit can get all soft and plump.

It's really good, this one. Mess about with the proportions, add more oats if you want it thicker, add fresh fruit if you have some to hand. Keeps for about a week, but actually lasts for maybe a day or two.

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This makes a lot, but although it (theoretically) keeps well, it tends to go pretty quickly.

5 or 6 strong tea bags. Tetley's work well.
As much fresh mint as you can get your hands on, but at least two or three good handfuls.
700 ml boiling water
200g sugar
3 oranges, squeezed (300ml orange juice)
2 lemons, squeezed (70 ml lemon juice)
1200ml cold water.

Pour the boiling water over the mint and tea, stir in the sugar, and leave for as long as you can, over night if possible, at least 10 minutes if not.

Squeeze out the mint and tea bags. Add the orange and lemon juice and the cold water. the result is dark brown, murky and wonderful. I might use less sugar, if I'm making it for myself, or add more lemon, but you can fiddle about with the recipe to your own taste. It makes about 2 litre, and can keep for two weeks in the fridge.

If you have lemons, orange or mint left over, you can use them as a garnish.


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