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QI (Quite Interesting) mp3s up for grabs. Works really well as audio, though best listened to while ironing, rather than on the train where people will stare at the crazy person trying not to laugh.

Season one.

Season two.

Season three.

Season four - this one, I'm still uploading the mp3s to, so it's a work in progress. 1-5 are up there already.

It's random information and occasional bits of Stephen Fry getting stroppy about grammar! Incidentally, the out takes for QI S1 are up on youtube, and definitely worth seeing.

Also extremely cool is this, the Old Bailey's criminal records. Searchable by location, name, time, crime, crime type and going back centuries.
Worth noting, by the way, is that sodomy used to be a general term for "unnatural acts", so some of the early indictments for sodomy were... yeah. Very interesting stuff and a fun way to kill an afternoon.

Also interesting is the Historical background stuff, which includes community histories (black communities, gay, gypsy/traveller, Irish, etc.) and tips for finding them in the proceedings, keywords to look for and so on, as well as stuff on gender, London and so on.

Final brief thing, is an excellent thing.
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For those keeping track, Terry Pratchett .mp3s are here, with the Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents here, QI series 1 .mp3s are here and Series 2 (still working on it) is over here.

Any problems, let me know.
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I saw Mirror Mask on Saturday and it looked exactly as something created by Dave McKean and Neil Gaimen should look. Very classic fairy story themes, which is also what you'd expect from the creators, and just as visually stunning as you want (but don't really expect) it to look. What surprised me the most was how funny it was -incredible, yes, you expect, creepy in the right places, but not for it to have as many moments that were laugh-out-loud funny. So yes, any of you that haven't seen,it should. The trailers really don't show how fantastic the movie actually is.

More rambles but no spoilers you wouldn't get from a trailer )

Also, the Gothic Nightmares exhibition at the Tate Britain is open from the 15th. I know some of you were interested when I first posted about this, but if you let me know when you're free, we can sort out meeting up.
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Independent review.
Caeser Twins website (German)
Definitely worth seeing, if you can make it this week. They really don't shy way from the twincest as a selling point, but what surprised me the most was how funny a lot of the show was-- lots of old-fashioned caberet/silent movie humour that worked really well. My favourite bit was straightforward mostly-silent "me and my shadow" comedy.

There are moments that are really beautiful as well, where it is purely about the aesthetics, and it's pretty small scale (the friends are a female singer/dancer/terribly bendy woman who's about 8inches taller than the twins, and a saxophone player), but I think that works well- certainly, it means that audience response makes a bigger part of the show.

In a related note, after watching this I realised that I lack bouncy things. I want a giant air mattress to jump on, dammit!


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