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First is in lieu of actual words, here's a bunch of clips I took at Decaydance: here on youtube. Variable quality and lots of waving hands, but there are some nice moments of Gabe talking about love, Spencer drumming and Brendon making strange faces, Andy drumming and gratuitous Sisky. I didn't get to take as many clips and pics as i'd like, on account of location, other people and also, being distracted by the music.

The show was great, with all the bands just seeming really on and really happy to be there. Could have done with some longer sets and one or two fewer tossers in the audience (dear guy standing next to me: if you're the only one moshing, it's not a mosh pit, it's just you being a tosser and you're not allowed to complain if the next time you try to slam into me, my elbow is there) but most of the audience were pretty good and I got to meet up with a bunch of great people and do the dance of varying layers of identity. "My username is this, but my real name is that, and you can call me..."

Second is in a display of cult loyalty fannish enthusiasm, I'm pimping WorldWideFangs. This is the product of one of those conversations that start "hey, you know what'd be funny?" And in this case lead on to "People throwing fangs for Cobra Starship around the world, especially if it's at a landmark or something."

Admittedly, at the moment "around" is more like one city in Europe and people is more like "two", but membership is open. If you have a picture and no flickr account, let me know and I can upload it for you.
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In no particular order...

Music videos with trains in:
Bloc Party, I Still Remember.

I don't know why, I just like trains. Also, the music video for Fur Patrol's Precious, because it kind of freaks me out every time I watch it.

Ferret racing, which hosts the prelinger archive. Hundreds of ephemeral movies, ads, health videos, social guidence. My favourites include:

Peversion for Profit (c. 1965), which teaches us how porn can weaken our resistence to the communist threat, and also turn our sons and daughters into lesbians.
Personal hygiene (c.1950), in which a soldier learns how to keep clean with the power of folk-songs and the support of his comrades in arms. This support includes scrubbing him clean in the shower.
Cindy Goes to a Party (c. 1955), which teaches us how passive-aggressive fairy godmothers can be.
Are you Ready For Marriage (c. 1950), in which we learn that being as thick as two short planks doesn't mean you shouldn't get married, just that you should wait a year.

Music you kind of have to dance to and that sounds good in summer, like Send my love to the dancefloor, I'll see you in Hell (Hey Mr DJ) or Clothes off!

The fact that I finally finished uploading all the episodes of QI series 1, series 2, series 3 and series 4 as mp3s.
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QI (Quite Interesting) mp3s up for grabs. Works really well as audio, though best listened to while ironing, rather than on the train where people will stare at the crazy person trying not to laugh.

Season one.

Season two.

Season three.

Season four - this one, I'm still uploading the mp3s to, so it's a work in progress. 1-5 are up there already.

It's random information and occasional bits of Stephen Fry getting stroppy about grammar! Incidentally, the out takes for QI S1 are up on youtube, and definitely worth seeing.

Also extremely cool is this, the Old Bailey's criminal records. Searchable by location, name, time, crime, crime type and going back centuries.
Worth noting, by the way, is that sodomy used to be a general term for "unnatural acts", so some of the early indictments for sodomy were... yeah. Very interesting stuff and a fun way to kill an afternoon.

Also interesting is the Historical background stuff, which includes community histories (black communities, gay, gypsy/traveller, Irish, etc.) and tips for finding them in the proceedings, keywords to look for and so on, as well as stuff on gender, London and so on.

Final brief thing, is an excellent thing.


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