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See, [ profile] girl_starfish, I can update my livejournal unprompted Even if I will have to go back and edit it when I'm more, well, awake.

Though on my parent's PC, since I don't have any way of hooking my mac up to AOL. Grr.

I'm back in the UK, which is midly terrifying, in that what am I gonna do with-- everything! sense. Just a little. I spent the past two weeks in varying degrees of travel and leeching. After spending a week in [ profile] girl_starfish's apparto, I took a bus down to Tokyo and spent a few days at Nicola's, seeing Jen off and introducing Nicola to the wonder that is [ profile] takarazuka. It was pretty much fantabulous. The second time I've been and for the same show, but we had much better seats this time.

After that, I went down to Fukuoka to stay with Louise for a few days. Pictures to follow, because there was a great kareoke place with memorable toilets. Too much money was spent various items of clothing and also, Patarillo and Takaguchi stuff which I won't see for a month (sent back by sea-mail). After that, we went up to Kanazawa to see [ profile] hime1999. We saw the ninja temple, which is, we discovered, so cool that it has spontaneously developed curative powers, by sheer virtue of its coolness. Sliding doors! Hari-kiri rooms! Extra stairs! Places where you can slash the feet of intruders. We also did five and a half hours of kareoke, four and a half in one sitting. Much dignity was lost, but I didn't fail as completely at kokku robin as I have done in the past. Back up to Tokyo, one night with [ profile] ice_kristall and, since I had to be at Narita airport by 7.30 the next morning, Louise and I opted to spend the second night in a love hotel in Shinjuku. It was rather flash, kind of tacky/classy, and pretty fun. Excellent bath.

And then I bid a tearful farewell to Louise at the airport, had one short flight and then the long connection, trucked my stuff back by public transport and am now writing this with only partial consciousness. Seriously, I keep nodding off, then jerking awake when my head goes down.
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I have, by and large, managed to avoid saying goodbye to the most significant people.
That is, I said good-bye to a lot of important people -my dance teacher, my Japanese tutor, students, other ALTs- but not the really important ones. (One of the advantages, incidentally, of absolutely useless JTEs who go from mostly okay to absolutely useless and no good whatsoever at the time when you really need them, is that it does ease the pain of parting.)

But today, I said goodbye to Katy, the prefectural adviser. She's the one that introduced me to Hirohana-sensei (our dance teacher). We'd go to dance, do dance events, talk a lot in the car, have dinner... She's one of those people that are really just *good*, you know? Just good people. And there was lots of mutual ranting and some raving, and I'm going to miss her something rotten.

Anyway, I dropped by to give her my appartment key and we went out for lunch, and it's probably the last time I'll see her, at least until she visits the UK in, oh, five years or so.

And it really didn't feel like a good-bye. No sense of leaving, no sense of-- something. I almost cried, but didn't, because it just wasn't... it was like saying goodbye at the end of lunch, when you know you're going to see that person again in a couple of weeks.

Except we're not. And there's part of me that just doesn't quite get that. It probably has something to do with this slow leaving, with the relative normality of the moment and the knowledge that I'm going to see Jen and Louise within the week, but...

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At least, until we converge in some distant land at some point in the future. It's not enough that we're from three different countries, oh no. We have to be from three different continents

On the plus side, we had traditional kareoke, in which the staples were performed (Rasputin, In Heaven, Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, Rewrite, Phantom Of The Opera) as well as others (When You're Good To Mama, Get Some Sleep, Somebody Told Me to name a few.) Some of these required dancing.

In spite of (because of?) the fact that, well, none of us can sing or dance and it just sound weird, three different accents trying to get the same song, it was great, as it pretty much always is. Then there was commemorative purikuru, followed by Rocky Horror Picture Show, all the special features and interviews (Patricia Quinn rocks) and oohing over the goodies Jen gave us.

I'm seeing Jen and Louise again, so it's not as sad as it could be, and part of me just doesn't feel like we're really separating.

Still not sure what I'm doing for the rest of my time- joining Jen in Tokyo next week for a few days, and I have to be at Narita by 8 am on the 9th, but what until then? I could join Louise in Fukuoka, but that's a long and expensive trip down. I will have to make a decision.

And figure out how much money I need to take out to cover all that, because I need to hand in my bank book and ATM card to the school accountant on Monday or Tuesday. Argh!


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