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Title: Here's Your New Postion (two skinny emo boys Patrick Stump never shoved against a wall). Version: William Beckett
Fandom: Bandslash, Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is...
Disclaimer: Pure fiction
Notes: Non-gen, adult content. This one is Patrick/Bill and Zee's is Patrick/Pete.

So Zee and I were talking and it went like this: )
Which lead to this and this. )
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I really love writing with someone.

Title: A bird in the hand; or, How to Marry a Millionaire
Authors: [ profile] jamjar and [ profile] petronelle
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Nightwing
Summary: Bruce Wayne, playboy millionaire, has a taste for the exotic.
Rating: Adult content
Notes: Thanks to everyone who helped ease this into existence.
Disclaimer: They belong to DC Comics, not to us, or they really would be having a lot of sex.

Posted in [ profile] petronelle's livejournal.

A Bird in the Hand; or, How to Marry a Millionaire
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Varient can be found here

Experiment 13 grabs him )

Notes: Okay, so the ending of varient was subject to a little intepretation. [ profile] marici wanted omething with the Tims finding Kon again outside, so this sequel is based on that.

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Title: Variant
Summary: Made and manufactured by the good people at Cadmus... Now, a Tim Drake for every occasion. And all dysfunctional and creepy in their own, special way!
Rating: PG
Authors Notes: Thanks to [ profile] girl_starfish and [ profile] liviapenn for beta-reading, and I'm sorry for the lack of porn contained within. Timmies have *issues*. And Experiment 13 = Kon. Great liberties were taken with various time-lines.
Also hosted at Timfinity, where it has pretty formatting.

Everyone knows about Experiment 13. )


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