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Sequel to this Ray/Bart gen I wrote.

"Hey Bart, sorry I'm late but-- whoa. Homework? You're doing homework?" Ray picks the book off the table. 'Shouldn't this take you about three seconds?'  )
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For [ profile] jbbs

Author : [ profile] jamjar
Characters Used: Cissie King-Jones, Kon-El, Tim Drake, Bart Allen
Summary: Circles of people, and where they overlap. Spoilers: Identity Crisis, War Games.

Thanks to [ profile] liviapenn for beta-readin, and sorry I couldn't take more advantage of it. Mistakes, suggestions, corrections, all appreciated.

Greta does laps )
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There's something to watching Bart play computer games.

It's not that he does it faster than anyone else. There's a limit on how quickly the commands go through, and Bart has to slow down to something on two or three steps above regular human game-freak.

It's more to do with how he just doesn't make a wrong move *twice*. Occasional death, dealt with before it has a chance to really register and back on the horse, jump, kick, run, left, left, power-up *charge*.

Die, restart.

Jump, kick, run, left, left, *pause*, power-up *charge*, jump right...

There's no break in the motion, none that Ray can see. Computer games aren't his usual projects, but he has a sudden wish to design one, just to see what Bart would do to it.

No, what he *really* wants is to get Bart into programming. Hacker-Impulse would be a terrible thing to unleash on the world, but a helluva thing to play *against*.

Maybe he can buy Bart a few books, leave them around. Cyberpunk and programming for dummies, just to get him started.

"You want the other control?" Bart says. "I've almost clocked this, we can play something else two-player."

"Just what I was thinking," Ray says, settling down next to him.

Punch, jump, duck, *explode*.
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Firstly, a little something I like to call the PreYJ OT3 Gen fic. Oh yes, it has a proper title, but I like all the little words and letters.

Young Justice (DCU):

The Case Of the Disappearing Felines.
Bart, Kon and Tim, when they were young, and Tim hadn't revealed his real name and Superboy didn't *have one*.

Next, in response to the amnesty challenge at [ profile] dc_flashfiction

Batman Beyond:
Beyond the Veil.
Bruce and Terry. Note: This at one point had the working title "big scary batgod fic."

And in case anyone missed it (and you weren't missing much),over at [ profile] weneedhelp,

DCU/Good Omens crossover madness!

Why yes, I am very suggestible. How did you know?"
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Note: It's *hard* to write Tim/Bart without Kon in there somewhere.

Tim doesn't use quiet to hurt. He's not exactly talktive, but he's not grim-and-brooding, either, or at least, not all the time. But he is quiet, at least compared to the rest of Young Justice, and sometimes Bart can be in a room with him for hours, and Tim won't talk.

But he doesn't use silence to hurt people, or to make them feel like they don't belong.

He used to talk a lot more in fights. Not just the "hey, bad guy, I'm going to say something witty and distracting so we can beat you up more easily" banter, but like, talking to him and Kon and Cassie and Cissie. Instructions and statements and criticisms.

The last fight, Tim barely said *anything* to them that wasn't a request for new information. And at the cave, he didn't ask Bart if he was okay before he got a bunch of energy bars from the kitchen, or tell Kon that his TTK was really improving before he got him to help Cissie get back in time for school.

It's contagious or something, because Cassie didn’t say a word before she made a pizza run, and Kon took the second controller for the Playstation without asking. They all do it a bit now, but Tim does it the most.

It's funny, because Bart hates being told to keep it down, or stop talking or just for-the-love-of-God-ShutUp!, but he's really starting to love the bilingual thing. He might not be so great on the oral, but he's getting a lot better at listening.

He can have whole conversations with Tim's silences.



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