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I'm a girl of simple pleasures. All I really want is a colour scheme that matches whatever my current default icon is. Yay for Colorzilla, which makes this a lot easier.

I love living in London -I saw Japanese comedy mimes on Sunday, which was pretty funny. Also, London people (or people who might swing by), do any of you want to go to this or this? Both of which seem pretty cool.

And any London people that are looking for a good belly dancing class, I recommend Anne White. I got to her Tuesday class and she's a really good teacher. I'd forgotten how much fun belly dance is. There are a few classes going around London, but I really do think this teacher is particularly good.
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So, in the absence of being able to keep up with the old Nihon buyo, I'm thinking of trying my hand at some other dance.

London people, any interest in learning swing, tango, salsa, belly-dancing, anything? Or know a place that's good to do so?

Oh, and this has nothing to with me watching Shall We ダンス? last night. Honest.

I am also planning on starting up Krav Maga again. You got to love a martial arts where almost every combo attack involves some kind of blow to the groin. Also, I never go to do any stick attacks last time, only knife ones, and I want to do them. Uh, defend against them, I mean.

I shall defeat my own idle tendencies!
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It's snowing! A lovely, bright day and my school is at the top of a hill, so we can see pretty much all of Sendai and the mountains in the background, and all these snowflakes dancing in the air.

Dance on Monday
For those interested. )

It never rains but it pours. )


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