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She really, really is.

Yesterday I went to the Amanda Palmer videoshoot [ profile] megolas for Leeds United, which will be the first single off her new solo album, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer".

Pictoral evidence! I am the shorter one! )

More pictures here, of variable quality.

I also went with [ profile] megolas on Thursday last week to see Amanda at the ICA.

She really is kind of amazing (pictures and video below the cut). )

My feelings on the whole thing can be pretty much summed up by this picture.
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To see Cobra Starship, and also, be in the company of fangirls. Back on Sunday, to see Cobra Starship and also, be in the company of fangirls.

Are you sensing a theme?
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For those who are interested, Jonathan Coulton will be in Camden next week on Thursday. There may be tickets available still. [ profile] megolas and I have ours.
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First is in lieu of actual words, here's a bunch of clips I took at Decaydance: here on youtube. Variable quality and lots of waving hands, but there are some nice moments of Gabe talking about love, Spencer drumming and Brendon making strange faces, Andy drumming and gratuitous Sisky. I didn't get to take as many clips and pics as i'd like, on account of location, other people and also, being distracted by the music.

The show was great, with all the bands just seeming really on and really happy to be there. Could have done with some longer sets and one or two fewer tossers in the audience (dear guy standing next to me: if you're the only one moshing, it's not a mosh pit, it's just you being a tosser and you're not allowed to complain if the next time you try to slam into me, my elbow is there) but most of the audience were pretty good and I got to meet up with a bunch of great people and do the dance of varying layers of identity. "My username is this, but my real name is that, and you can call me..."

Second is in a display of cult loyalty fannish enthusiasm, I'm pimping WorldWideFangs. This is the product of one of those conversations that start "hey, you know what'd be funny?" And in this case lead on to "People throwing fangs for Cobra Starship around the world, especially if it's at a landmark or something."

Admittedly, at the moment "around" is more like one city in Europe and people is more like "two", but membership is open. If you have a picture and no flickr account, let me know and I can upload it for you.
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So, as you may have heard, I went to see Cabaret at the lyric theatre with [ profile] burntcopper, [ profile] megolas and [ profile] snowballjane. Really good show and a really good example of why, even if you love the film version of something, it's often worth seeing it on stage. [ profile] burntcopper and [ profile] megolas have posted on it, but my not-entirely-coherent thoughts are below.

Cut for musical talk. )

Also, there's a lot more nudity than I expected. For those interested, I got the tickets cheap off of Discount London Theatre.

Briefly on Doctor Who, kind of late:

Spoilers for the finale )

On a happy note, I have apparently succeeded in luring [ profile] petronelle into QI. This is a good thing, although her experience with the pilot has been slightly traumatising. Don't ask about the tie-pins.
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Due to the obsessive nature of certain friends with poor self-control and my ability to take advantage of friends with an obsessive nature and poor self-control, I will now be going to see Fall Out Boy along with Panic! At The Disco, Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is… & Cobra Starship at the Hammersmith Apollo in August. I'm really happy with the lineup and hopefully the front half sound will be better this time round.

Ooh! I wonder if this means CS will be playing anywhere else. Maybe the Water Rats again?

I'm such a sucker for live music. Um. I may also be going up to Edinburgh to see FOB there a few days later, but in all fairness, we didn't know they'd be playing with people like Cobra Starship and GCH in London when we bought them. Also, I have never been to Scotland.

Certain friends are now attempting to back-seat livejournal post, so I'll stop typing now to thwart them.
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1) Prague is the most beautiful city I've been to. You know how you go to a city and you have to see a particular historical building, this example of baroque architecture, that old street? Like that, but for pretty much the whole city.

Pics taken are here, taken with my shiny new camera.

2) I'm Jam on Good Reads, which looks like a very shiny site indeed. So many books to add to my list!

3) Saw Guster at the Water Rats with [ profile] megolas and the drummer is just something else. Like watching Bruce Lee, but on drums. Seriously, you could not see his hands -and judging by the sounds, he had at least eight of them- as anything other than a blur. Pictures to follow when I've gone through and seen if there are any even remotely clear. Nice show, decent audience except for the girl that kept screaming in my ear. You're less than two metres from the band! You don't need to scream loud enough to actually hurt the people around you!

ETA: Fixed the link to Good Reads. Thanks [ profile] failing_angel!
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Firstly, went to see the Gothic Nightmares exhibition at the Tate last Saturday with the lovely and charming [ profile] kabukivice, and yet again it is proved that people that are cool on the internet are cool in person.

I heartly recommend this exhibition. Gloomth, people! Actual gloomth! Also, gods, goddesses, bondage, witches, elves, decaptitations, spirits, Shakespeare and porn. Yep, explicit foursomes and people doing obscene things under an alter to Priapus.

As weird as the UK political system is, it's even weirder that it mostly works. And some old news from 2004, but Peru drugs hidden in giant squid

Also, the very talented Dylan Meconis (aka [ profile] quirkybird) of Bite Me fame has another project started. Family Man, starring Luther from Bite Me. Werewolves, yay!

I'm trying to get back in to writing, but inspiration is playing silly buggers. Grr.
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I saw Mirror Mask on Saturday and it looked exactly as something created by Dave McKean and Neil Gaimen should look. Very classic fairy story themes, which is also what you'd expect from the creators, and just as visually stunning as you want (but don't really expect) it to look. What surprised me the most was how funny it was -incredible, yes, you expect, creepy in the right places, but not for it to have as many moments that were laugh-out-loud funny. So yes, any of you that haven't seen,it should. The trailers really don't show how fantastic the movie actually is.

More rambles but no spoilers you wouldn't get from a trailer )

Also, the Gothic Nightmares exhibition at the Tate Britain is open from the 15th. I know some of you were interested when I first posted about this, but if you let me know when you're free, we can sort out meeting up.
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Independent review.
Caeser Twins website (German)
Definitely worth seeing, if you can make it this week. They really don't shy way from the twincest as a selling point, but what surprised me the most was how funny a lot of the show was-- lots of old-fashioned caberet/silent movie humour that worked really well. My favourite bit was straightforward mostly-silent "me and my shadow" comedy.

There are moments that are really beautiful as well, where it is purely about the aesthetics, and it's pretty small scale (the friends are a female singer/dancer/terribly bendy woman who's about 8inches taller than the twins, and a saxophone player), but I think that works well- certainly, it means that audience response makes a bigger part of the show.

In a related note, after watching this I realised that I lack bouncy things. I want a giant air mattress to jump on, dammit!


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