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But I'm off to the states for a week on Monday (two days in DC, two days in NY for work, then Saturday for myself an Sunday to fly out at the crack of dawn), so I figured I should make a post about that, at least.

I've been having mild comics nostalgia, brought about by the new series of R.E.B.E.L.S. The nostalgia has been accompanied by the obligatory "Why do I know more about this character's continuity than the writers?", but not massively. Still, there's only been three issues, so there's plenty of time left!

I've also been reading the Master and Commander series, which are just genuinely good reads in a number of ways. Historical fiction, at it's best, has a thing of making you believe in that era, but isn't restricted by it-- that is, it can present issues and morals and so on for the characters, make you believe they have (or don't have) those... while not actually presenting those things as actively bad or good. The characters are very much a product of their time, but the writer isn't. And part of that means that you know (and you know the writer knows) just how much being a product of that time, of that environment can work against a character. At the same time, the voice, the narration is kept true through the whole thing, so you're not thrown out of the books by random 21st century moral sidenotes. They're fun books, and they do that thing of making me enjoy being absorbed in the early 19th century, while being bloody glad (especially as a woman) that I didn't have to put up with myself.
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I prepared properly for watching this, with a toasted and buttered hot cross bun, a nice cup of tea and my knitting. I may have made occasional incoherent noises, but fortunately, there was no one around to hear me.

Spoilers, though not necessarily coherence. )
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Basically, Willingham posted over here, regarding the reaction to Batman 644, in a post that makes me hate him as a person, as well as a writer.

You can contact DCU through this page, so I sent a letter to them.

cut for direct quotes from Willingham [warning, may inspire uncontrollable rage] )

and my own response )

Honestly, I don't know if they even read the letters. Given Willingham's comments, it seems unlikely, but I like to believe that the rest of DC staff are better people than him.
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because he has issues, and he's a hero and he's kind of, healthily sexual and still cpaable of having platonic friendships and is canonically not-homophobic and turns otherwise straight-boys (and gay girls, I reckon), but only for him,a nd then they're confused and try to be his friend, even if they were only getting close to wreak vengence, because they don't understand why they like him so much.

Because he has issues for good reasons and they are, by and large, not self-inficted. Because he picks friendship over romance or sex, even though he loves romance and sex, and goes for women that are *cool*, ambitious, strong, clever...

Because he's trying to find out who he is, trying to establish who he is, and he's got no clue and less practise than *Bart* at it, and things just keep happening.

Because he's big and pretty and has good instincts, mostly, and knows where the line is. And he's got superpowers that lend themselves to sex (*tactile* TK) and can be paired with *anyone*, and is getting all kinds of cool new powers that we can play around with. Because he automatically goe sto shield Robin with his body, is honest sometimes, and covers it up the rest, and makes families and loses them and...

Because Kon is love.
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Andromeda Uber Porn!

Because you know, it would all be about Dom!Beka (She ground her heel into the hand of the male of tried to approach her. "You're not even worthy of buying me a drink"). And occasionally Overcome!Beka (she knelt before him, temporally subdued by his intense aura of command). Ooh, and lots of Pragmatic!Beka, because you know that;d be a turn-on. And Harper objecting over always being put in chains and a leash. And wondering why even the soft, pseudo-romantic porn has him in a leash and on his knees.

"The True History of The Notorious Beka Valentine" [cover picture has Beka in a corset and high heels, big phallic-symbol of a gun in one hand, while she pulls some tall, muscular guy in for a kiss by his hair. Behind her, a Nietzschean woman with a whip glares with fury and lust]

Blurb on the back:

"He knew she was unworthy- a mere kludge- yet he was unable to resist. He told himself she was no threat, weak and unarmed- yet knew it was a lie."

And I firmly believe that Andromeda herself will be completely blase about people writing porn and fantasies about her. "I was programmed to be accepting, Harper. No-one wants a warship that gets huffy every time one of her pilots spends a little too long thinking about her avatars. You wouldn't believe some of the things the Perseid's used to fetishize about the early AIs."

And Dylan too, growing up in the Commonwealth, would be all, well, that's what happens to famous people. They get ficced. Telling Harper "They put me in chains almost as often as they do with you."

Tyr being furious. Harper trying to comfort him by pointing out that, by proxy, he's getting a lot of women interested in him and hey, isn't that what being a Nietzschian male is all about?

Oh! And Beka wondering about whether she should try and get some share of the profits.

And The Dark Side: Beka's old boyfriends cashing in. Harper freaking out whenever he finds tapes that claim to be true descriptions of his life on earth. Even Andromeda getting squicked by some of the technophiles.
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I've been thinking about this a bit. Barrayar as a cargo culture.

Barrayar went from technologically relatively sophisticated to feudal in a short space of time.

Lets say that to start with, supplies were basic. Basic medical treatment, transport, tools, computers. Now, lets say that all the power sources for these are temporary, or based on a fuel source that you don't get on planet. They've started to build some factories, maybe do some mining.

Power runs down. Can't keep good records because you only have so much paper you can print on. What do you try and keep records of? Well, medical journals are an obvious one. Agriculture techniques, maybe cultural books, maths, science, history. And after the paper you can print on is gone, you could be making paper, not good enough quality to stick in a printer, but you could still write on it- that doesn't require masses of technology or equipment and Barrayar has wood. Picture colonists like scribes of yore, sitting in big rooms with a computer screen and frantically trying to copy down as much as they can before the power runs out, because they can't fix anything. If something goes wrong, you can't order a new part. You don't have the machines sophisticated enough to build one. Everything decays and most of it can't be fixed.

And that's it for technology. They still have knowledge, but most of it isn't much use- loads of information on building spaceships, which they simply cannot do, when what they really need is a good manual on steam engines.

But, apart from that... what would people have kept in book form, when moving to another world- they'd try and keep the weight down by having most books stored on a computer, but some would be in book form.

Religious books, for one. Children's books, maybe. Important cultural works- Shakespeare, the Master and Margarita. Music.

And speaking of music... what songs would still be around? what plays? See, I think plays would be better preserved than books, because plays are structured to be recited. memorable is an important feature. TV programs, films come under the same category.

So poems might get preserved, memorable songs- Elvis would make and appearance, I think. the Beatles too. Classical composers, all the pieces of music where you can sit in front of a piano, close your eyes and just *play*. Fur Elise, chopsticks, Ode to joy.

A Serbian friend of mine told me that Blackadder is pretty big over there. Blackadder is very memorable- I can picture the shows becoming little plays, being adapted to match the Barrayans idea of the world.

there would be some loss due to attrition, to the culture just not being able to grasp/not feeling any connection to the subject matter. Romeo and Juliet can be understood by almost any culture. Star Trek cannot- unless you alter it beyond recognition.

More to say on this later.


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