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Superman Returns is a film of such love and gorgeous, gorgeous cinamatography. It is even better when seen in a group of people who also love it, who can understand you when you go "!!!" I saw it in the excellent company of (and I think I've got the ljs right), [ profile] violet_doll, [ profile] kabukivice, [ profile] blythely, [ profile] derryderrydown, [ profile] jayest, [ profile] mskatej and [ profile] circe_tigana. Once again, my theory that cool on the internet = cool in real life was proven correct.*

No real spoilers, but I'm cutting just in case. )

Incidentally, [ profile] kabukivice, if you want to meet up so I can hand over Shall We Dance, let me know when and where is good for you.

*Please note that definition of cool may be highly subjective.


Jul. 15th, 2006 07:33 am
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Because it's been up for a while and I'm just that bad at updating, [ profile] megolas and I have a shared crafty blog, Spacecrafty. In it you can find various shiney things, as well as notes on knitting.

[ profile] megolas stayed over for a couple of nights either side of her interviews, which was nice. There were episodes of Firefly, Japanese movies, knitting, trips to Spitalfields and Montezuma chocolate (mmm, chili and ginger), bonding with my chinchilla and too much money spent on shiny things. I take no responsibility for this, although I may have shown her the shop, pointed out various beads and what have you said things like, "oh, that's so pretty, you should definitely get it."

Mostly, I'm happy that I managed to get someone else to watch Warai no Daigakko (Japanese period comedies about the pure love between a writer and his beta-reader a playwrite and the censor), Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu (terribly beautiful film which is sort of a love-story, ghost story, mystery... thing), Shall We ダンス and Swing Girls, making her one of three people in the country to have done so.

Also, my cousin had her baby, who was very sweet and meant we could finally give her the shawl-type thing I'd made for her and the baby-blanket mum and I had knitted together. I also found out that -yay!- her husband will be working on a couple of eps of the Doctor Who finale next year, as well as the bit of Torchwood he's been doing. Oh, if only I belonged to the branch of the family that did interesting things.
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My older brother is, in his own way, very protective. We don't understand each other -we're too dissimilar- but we love each other dearly. Brotherly protection coes in a number of ways. He worries baout me walking when it's dark, which is kind of funny because I've never been a cime victim, but he (close to six foot, fit, young) has been mugged, jumped, etc. a number of times. I'm tiny and female, but obviously, muggers take one look and think nope. Nothing valuable there.

brother thinks I should try mushrooms and LSD. Not together, obviously. But in a good situation, him and a friend, so I'll be in a goo dstate of mind and feel safe and therefore less likely to freak out and have a bad trip. He smokes dope around me, but repeatedly tells me that I should never touch a cigarette.

He worries over my little brother a lot too. When he started secondary school, little brother was given lots of advice over how to handle bullies, fights, peanutting, etc.

Big brother is now in Germany, working as a chef in spite of the fact that he can't speak german. Living with a relative who I'll call Dorian. After the picture of Dorian Grey, because relative is almost as old as my dad, lives a fun and disreputable life and does. not. age. Ever.

Brother left to simplify his love life.


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