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"You look good," Tatsuki says, and by good she means "Good", but she knows she also means "different" and "tougher" and "older".

"Thank you!" Orihime flexes her arms. "Look at my muscles!" She puts her elbow on the table. "Let's arm-wrestle."

Tatsuki could probably circle Orihime's arm with her fingers. She rolls her eyes. "Forget it. I'm hungry. Did you get any of those little purin things from that bakery?"

Orihime nods and sets out tea. She talks about school, about the people she saw over the summer, mostly familiar names and some not, and Tatsuki is used to Orihime's style of speech enough to construct a reasonable understanding of it. She met people, who might have been friends of Ichigo or not, and she spent time with people, and possibly did some charity work, and Ishida-kun helped with that and also made her an outfit, which means that he likes Rukia, probably, and...

Orihime gestures as she talks and when she raises her arms, Tatsuki can see that her waist is thinner, pared down of it's normal slight softness, and there are the faint lines of stomach muscles. Whatever she did -and Tatsuki knows Orihime's style of speech well enough to know when she's deliberately concealing things, skipping over and jumping past bits- it was work. Tatsuki knows the product of physical labour.

She waits until Orihime's stopped speaking long enough for Tatsuki to ask, "Was it a good holiday, then?"

Orihime frowns a little, thinking about it. "Yes. It was a good summer." A sharp little nod that makes her hair fall forward and Tatsuki pushes it back for her.

"But I'm happy to be back," Orihime says, smiling brightly.

Tatsuki smiles back and talks about her summer.
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[ profile] molly_goblin asked for Ichimaru Gin/Kira Izuru.

No warnings needed, really.

Many shinigami, especially the ones new to their sword, touch it without thinking. Kira does not, which worries him sometimes. Hinamori rests her hand on the hilt when she's thinking, balancing her palm on the very top. Renji strokes his, something which Kira has noted and commented on loudly, and in public, and -even better- in front of Kuchiki Rukia, just to see Renji go red when she laughs at him.

He's even seen the captains do it sometimes. His Gin Ichimaru touches it lightly, tap-tap-tapping out a rhythm when he's thinking something. It should be a tell, except that it's impossible to know what that man is thinking, ever.

He'll have to learn, now that he's been made his second -second to Gin Ichimaru! Vice-captain of the third division- learn to know his Captain as well as the other seconds know theirs.

Kira doesn't pet his, not like that, but he is, as always, comforted by the weight of it against his, especially in moments like this. He kneels in front of his new captain and clears his throat. "Thank you," Kira says. "For--" He gestures at his badge. "I know others might be--"

"Ah, no need to thank me," his captain says, smiling -of course smiling. "With Hinamori in one and Aburai Renji in another, I couldn't pick anyone else, could I? Leave you behind while your friends go up ahead..." He lowers his head to whisper in Kira's ear. "Besides, you can keep an eye on them better from here, right?" He pats Kira's shoulder. "It's good to be able to watch out for your friends."

Kira nods and smiles back, awkwardly, but again, more determined as his captain's inscrutable smile seems it brighten. He doesn't have to understand his captain. Sometimes, following is a matter of faith.

Gin's smile widens


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