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Kagome could be oddly brash about some things, then oddly quiet about others.

"Hanyou are weaker," said Shippou, with the unthinking superiority of the young. "And a lot of the time they're crazy too- twice as craxy, because they're crazy like a human and crazy like a youkai. That's why you can't trust them. You always have to be ready to get the advantage, because sometimes they get crazy-strength, so you have to get the first blow. Uh," he frowned and tried to remember what else he'd heard about them.

Inu-Yasha snorted. "That's why most demons won't think twice about turning on a hanyou, lying to them or cheating them."

His family were not cannibals, either of human or youkai, by biology. By circumstance, sometimes, yes, but not by necessity, habit or addiction. Demons and humans could be meal, if there was nothing else around, but hunting them for food was something lesser demons did, to his mind. Ones that needed to strengthen their power by absorbing others.

Still, he'd met enough to know that for demons like that, hanyou could be a treat. Something with the raw power of a youkai, and the vulnerability of a human. Acceptable to human-eaters and demon-eaters both.
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He stumbled across them entirely by accident.

His brother was asleep, lying down across the girl's lap. she was still awake, sitting upright, her back against the tree, while one hand stroked his hair. The other rested on her bow. Her eyes were black in the dim light and she looked tired.

The smell from the herbs drowned out almost everything apart from traces of smoke from the fire and a mixture of blood. Even with his youkai vision, he had the uncomfortable sensation that she could see him, standing upright and the moonlight dancing off his mostly-white outfit, better than he could see her, with her dark hair blending into the shadows. Her expression was blank and unreadable, and her hand kept stroking hi brother's hair in a soothing, almost maternal gesture.

Even in his sleep, his brother's ears twitched nervously.

The monk and the human demon hunter slept on either side. Close to the hunter, a small many-tailed cat demon curled up with the fox-cub, their tails intertwined and breathing in unison, but as he watched the cat opened one lazy eye.

He knew, from the times he'd seen him before, that his brother slept lightly. Even now, sprawled across the girl in a way quite unlike his usual one-step-from-action sleeping position, he kept one hand on the hilt of his sword.

Sesshomaru touched his own sword without realising it until the girl's eyes followed the movement. Her face was still smooth, but he knew with a sudden and complete certainty, that if he stepped forwards, if he forced her to raise the alarm and wake his brother and his companions, that she would never forgive him for that. That after, her arrows would aim for him with all her will, every ounce of her strength, not for his threats against her, or his previous attempts at taking back the tetsusaiga, back because of this moment.

If Inu-Yasha was woken up, she would try as hard as she could to kill him for it.

Inu-Yasha muttered something in his sleep, swiped at his ear and settled back down. The girl bent her head to look at him with an expression of fierce tenderness, something female and instinctive to any mother looking at her child, wife looking at her husband, sister at her baby brother.

He stepped back into the shadows silently and started to walk away.


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