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So, a little while ago, and for reasons best left undiscussed, [ profile] petronelle and myself wrote A Bird In The Hand (or, How To Marry A Millionaire), featuring Nightwing and Bruce Wayne, Playboy Billionaire.

Obviously, after having written Nightwing/Bruce Wayne, we had to write Dick Grayson/Batman for balance. Specifically, and for reasons that had nothing to do with any fetishes we might have for Dick in uniform, we had to write Officer Grayson/Batman. So we did.

Authors: [ profile] petronelle and [ profile] jamjar
Fandom: DCU (goes AU post-Nightwing 100), Gotham Central/Batfamily.
Series: How to Marry a Millionaire

The main premise won't make much sense if you haven't read Part 1 or don't remember it clearly. Parts 2 and 3 run parallel.

Part 1: A bird in the hand (Bruce Wayne/Nightwing)
Summary: Bruce Wayne has a taste for the exotic.

Parts 2 & 3: Pay No Attention & Moonlighting

Part 2: Pay No Attention (Officer Grayson/Batman)
Summary: "In Gotham City's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Major Crimes Unit. These are their stories."

Part 3: Moonlighting (Bruce Wayne/Nightwing)
Summary: Stolen mornings and moments make for an odd affaire du coeur.

Notes: Betty is a beta goddess. Kitsune provided some consultation with regards to American police departments. Red Eft's art contributed beauty and morale at important junctures. Various other people cheerleaded, held hands, and were generally wonderful. Google told us scary things about laws in different states.

Warnings: Anyone with an allergy to identity porn would do best to avoid this entire fandom, but most particularly these stories. You did see the pairings, right? Adult content.

Disclaimer: The only ones who are our characters are the bad guys, and not even all of those belong to us.

All feedback, positive and negative, greatly appreciated.


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