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jamjar: (christmas!)
Things that make me happy:
1) Getting a Christmas card, with a very nice story, from [ profile] louiselux, which contains bonus Sparkly Things.
2) Meeting up with [ profile] bravecows, who turned out to be just as cool in person as she in on the internet, for tea, cake and laughing at some bits of the yaoi manga.
3) Getting all my cards done! Yay!
4) Going out to B-Movie and meeting up with [ profile] interlock, even though I had to leave early. Dancing, also yay!
5) Having several episodes of Batman Beyond, Gotham Knights, SGA and Patarillo, plus a whole bunch of those Social Education ephemeral films, including Perversion for Profit (Did you know that porn weakens our resistance to the onslaught of the Communist masters of deceit? Well, it does, and it turns boys and girls into lesbians, which I did not know before.), Are You Ready For Marriage (these people should not be allowed to marry, breed, or leave the house unaccompanied) and Cindy Goes To A Party (Featuring the most horribly passive aggressive fairy godmother, ever) on my shiney new video ipod.
6) Getting a big parcel from the post, featuring books, DVDs, clothes, new pyjamas and assorted other stuff, including a brand new Sparkly Hair Thing which is green and sparkly and sort of reminds me of poinsettias.

So in conclusion, happy.

The meme below, incidentally, is more interesting as a sociological thing on how gender typing has changed than any kind of personality thing. It's based on a test developed in 1971. It's weird to have things like loyalty, reliability, efficiency and happiness being considered as gender identifiers. I mean, you sort of expect something like leadership, forcefulness, gentleness as being considered markers in those days, but reliability? Happiness? Weird.

But my results, for those that are interested.
Outdated gender typing meme results )


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