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The first time Sirius successfully managed a transformation into his animal form, he spent almost the entire time sniffing Remus with varying degrees of subtlety. James's attempts at distracting him ("Here boy! Look, a stick!") were dismissed with such elan that Remus wondered if, physical appearance aside, Sirius hadn't in fact transformed into a cat.
A a few hours later... )
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When Harry Potter discovered girls and, shortly after, boys, the major news agencies of the wizardly world rubbed their hands (or paws, or claws, or in the case of Mr K'rak of the Star! magazine, tentacles) in anticipation of future page fillers. Any time there was a slow news day, they could waste a few pages with an interview with an ex. The more serious papers would, of course, write well-researched, although less creative, articles about the difficulty of making relationships in public life.

But, much to their disappointment, Mr H Potter was discrete to the point of disappearing. He was never caught kissing in a public place, or even a private one accessible by zoom lenses. When asked about the pretty young witch who caught his eye at the ball, he'd hide behind his glasses and say nothing that wasn't ambiguous.

And even in Hogwarts itself, it wasn't much better. Of course, everyone could make logical assumptions when Blaise, the pathologically ambiguous Slytherin was suddenly seen in the company of Mr Potter, or when the two disappeared for long periods of time, but Blaise said nothing definite, either.

Poll Drury, the Ravenclaw blushed when she said that yes, she and Harry were friends, and of course she liked him, who didn't? and never let a single detail pass her pretty, rose-bud lips.


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