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Technically, one that I got in for Yuletide and one that I scraped into Yuletide madness-- as in, I literally posted it 2 minutes before the deadline.

I got matched on two Diana Wynne Jones books, Archer's Goon, which is one of my favourite books, ever.

Writing Notes: I sort of knew what I wanted to write, though not the exact details of the sections.

World Enough, and Time by jamjar

(5408 words) 

Fandom: Archer's Goon - Diana Wynne Jones

Rating: Gen

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Characters: Erskine, Awful Sykes, Howard Sykes, Hathaway (Archer's Goon), Torquil (Archer's Goon)

Summary: The journey of a thousand miles (starts with sending your siblings to Alpha Centauri).

I also got matched on Fire And Hemlock, also by Diana Wynne Jones. One of the good things about yuletide is the excuse it gives you to go back and re-read something you haven't read in ages, remembering what you loved about it and finding whole new things to love (ask me about my new Polly headcanon!)

Writing Notes: Hah! One of those fic where you write bits -odd paragraphs, disconnected sections- but nothing that really links. Until, of course, it's past the deadline of the thing you intended. I just barely (literally 2 minutes before the deadline) managed to submit to the Yuletide Madness archive so the recipient could get it anon, but I didn't have time to get it beta-read (may try and do that and at least get any typos fixed later).

The Opposite of Nostalgia by jamjar

(4204 words)

Fandom: Fire and Hemlock - Diana Wynne Jones

Rating: General Audiences

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Thomas Lynn/Polly Whittacker

Summary: Polly afterwards.


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