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Andromeda Uber Porn!

Because you know, it would all be about Dom!Beka (She ground her heel into the hand of the male of tried to approach her. "You're not even worthy of buying me a drink"). And occasionally Overcome!Beka (she knelt before him, temporally subdued by his intense aura of command). Ooh, and lots of Pragmatic!Beka, because you know that;d be a turn-on. And Harper objecting over always being put in chains and a leash. And wondering why even the soft, pseudo-romantic porn has him in a leash and on his knees.

"The True History of The Notorious Beka Valentine" [cover picture has Beka in a corset and high heels, big phallic-symbol of a gun in one hand, while she pulls some tall, muscular guy in for a kiss by his hair. Behind her, a Nietzschean woman with a whip glares with fury and lust]

Blurb on the back:

"He knew she was unworthy- a mere kludge- yet he was unable to resist. He told himself she was no threat, weak and unarmed- yet knew it was a lie."

And I firmly believe that Andromeda herself will be completely blase about people writing porn and fantasies about her. "I was programmed to be accepting, Harper. No-one wants a warship that gets huffy every time one of her pilots spends a little too long thinking about her avatars. You wouldn't believe some of the things the Perseid's used to fetishize about the early AIs."

And Dylan too, growing up in the Commonwealth, would be all, well, that's what happens to famous people. They get ficced. Telling Harper "They put me in chains almost as often as they do with you."

Tyr being furious. Harper trying to comfort him by pointing out that, by proxy, he's getting a lot of women interested in him and hey, isn't that what being a Nietzschian male is all about?

Oh! And Beka wondering about whether she should try and get some share of the profits.

And The Dark Side: Beka's old boyfriends cashing in. Harper freaking out whenever he finds tapes that claim to be true descriptions of his life on earth. Even Andromeda getting squicked by some of the technophiles.


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