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Just a heads-up that the spring London Fashion Weekend is on from Thursday, which means that there'll be a big two-story tent in the grounds of the Natural History Museum with designers peddling their wares.

I'm planning on going - the deals you can get can be fantastic (last autumn, I picked up two skirts for £15 each that normally would be priced in triple figures, plus a set of earrings for a £10 that were £90 when I saw them in Harrods), you get a nice looks at small designers as well as the big names, it's pretty entertaining just looking at the stuff on sale and they normally have other stuff going on.

It costs £10.50 for a ticket (tch. I remember when it was free) but you normally make that back in sale-savings.*

Anyone that's interested, let me know.

*Sale savings : The money that you "save" by purchasing something which would normally be more expensive. For example, a coat reduced from £150 to £25 does not equate to a cost of £25, but a saving of £125, leaving you with a £100 gain.
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"It does make me look kind of gay, but it makes my shoulders look good, so I bought it."

The morning after Mum's trip to the London fashion-weekend.

After trying on the top mum bought ("It doesn't fit, I don't have mum's shoulders."), and then the trousers ("These are huge! You're not that fat."), he tried on the matching skirt. Voluntarily.

It made him look very slim-hipped, and almost... demure. Not his colour, but the style definitely suited him.

I feel sorry for all of you with younger brothers that stopped playing dress-up when they hit double figures.

I also need to get the boy a trilby hat, since it's only the fact that mine (same as your's, [ profile] girl_starfish) has a lace-band glued to it that stops him wearing it out of the house, instead of just wearing it whenever he's at home, and honestly, I'm not sure how much longer that'll last. the current pattern of clothes theft seems to go:

Mum: takes clothes from dad and both sons, mainly shirts or jumpers, and occasionally complains about the fact that my feet remain a size smaller, thus preventing her from taking my shoes. Takes dad's socks on a regular basis.

Big brother: occasionally takes odd items -ties, use of a suit- from dad. And socks, of course.

Little brother: takes hat from me and socks from dad.

Dad: doesn't take from anyone, really. Spends his time sewing red thread to his socks to mark them as his, in a futile attempt at stopping everyone else taking them.

Me: takes occasional scarves from dad. Also umbrellas and cufflinks.

Poor dad. His tiny feet and greater height, the fact that he has no shoulders and mum definitely does... all of it does nothing to prevent open season on his clothes.


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