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1) Prague is the most beautiful city I've been to. You know how you go to a city and you have to see a particular historical building, this example of baroque architecture, that old street? Like that, but for pretty much the whole city.

Pics taken are here, taken with my shiny new camera.

2) I'm Jam on Good Reads, which looks like a very shiny site indeed. So many books to add to my list!

3) Saw Guster at the Water Rats with [ profile] megolas and the drummer is just something else. Like watching Bruce Lee, but on drums. Seriously, you could not see his hands -and judging by the sounds, he had at least eight of them- as anything other than a blur. Pictures to follow when I've gone through and seen if there are any even remotely clear. Nice show, decent audience except for the girl that kept screaming in my ear. You're less than two metres from the band! You don't need to scream loud enough to actually hurt the people around you!

ETA: Fixed the link to Good Reads. Thanks [ profile] failing_angel!
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Just a quick note to say that I'm on holiday in Prague for the next few days with [ profile] megolas. Back late on Tuesday, so if you try to get me before then... well, you probably won't.


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