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Wow, I haven't updated in so long. I didn't even post last year's Yuletide fic!

General notes

Hello, probable stranger! I appreciate your choice of at least one fandom!

I'm writing below because... well, Dear Yuletides help me when I'm stuck for what to write. That said, don't feel too bound by anything I type. Yuletide should be at least as fun for the giving as the getting, so... well, write with love and love what you write.

What I like:

I'm easy in some ways. I like so much stuff, including (but not limited to): Pining, resolution, mythology (mmm, mythology), food, music, dragons, people being *good*, tension, tea, family, hope, gen, het, slash, femslash, gen-that-feels-like-slash, slash-that-feels-like-gen, bystander POV, people not-saying the thing they're saying and other people knowing what they mean, gender/sexswitch (temporary and always-been-a), ghosts, secrets, writing, books, what happens next. I really don't expect you to include all those, or even know how you would.

What I don't like:

I don't necessarily go for pure fluff (I like the endings to feel deserved), but I don't like it when things are devoid of hope. In general, I would say that I prefer a happy ending-- or at least, an ending that's no darker than one these canons would have anyway.

I hate bastardization of characters. I'm not massively attached to OTPs, either-- I have my preferences, but they're not set in stone. PWP don't really interest me unless they come paired with interesting character dynamics.

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
I just discovered this less than a month ago, promptly devoured it and Moon Over Soho. I'm probably mostly interested in Peter Grant, Inspector Nightingale, Molly, Doctor Walid, Leslie May, and I'm also pretty interested in the various rivers we've seen. Pairing-wise, I'd be happy with het, slash or gen. I'd love to see some backstory on the characters, especially Molly and who she is -by nature and by who she chooses to be- or Ash Thames, recent London arrival. I'd love to see some more of Leslie, especially if it includes anything in Moon Over Soho-- I love her courage and her willingness to still get involved. And I'd love more Peter Grant and Inspector Nightingale, because I think it's interesting, that you have these people from very different backgrounds (council estate/country estate, mixed-race inner-city/white & upperclass, someone who has very strong family connections/someone who lost or outlived pretty much everyone), but who are both so open to learning from each other so they can be the best they can be. They have different starting points, but they do *listen* to each other.

Any kind of mythology would be great-- either something preexisting or something new, but that feels mythic. I'm kind of attached to the idea of London being a melting point for all these different myths and cultures and other-worldly beings, for being a place where new magical things are born and old ones are filtered in to.

Oh, and Somali Ninja Girl! If you can get her in there, that would be great. And like I said, pretty much any pairing or no pairing, I just want more in this world.

I enjoy this show so much, and I think that's mostly because the three leads are so good. Their characterisation is so solid, and they just fail to do the normal stupid, pointless writers-wanting-drama things. Oh, I've discovered something about my father which also involves you? I'm going to tell you about that, rather than keep it secret for no reason! There's this core of mutual respect and affection and... well, being there. Friends help you move, real friends help you bury your turned-to-stone-and-broken-to-bits dad into a cooler. Even with the tension and the way they have hurt each other in the past, they're still... well, they know each other, you know?

I'd love some Audrey/Duke/Nathan fic, because there is not enough. Or gen, just the three of them being the three of them. And juicy casefic would also be great -I do like speculating o the different forms an Afflication can take, what it can mean, how families can cope. Or future fic!

Girl Genius
I love the Jagers. I also love Agatha, which makes my desire for jager backstory harder to wrangle-- and I'll be honest, I selected those characters, but I'm happy to read about pretty much anyone in the books. There's so much left for us to fill in the blanks! And there's the castle! Gen, het, slash, whatever (hey, the castle has labs, a library and a seraglio!). It's just such a great series, I love the humour and the seriousness, I love the characters, I love the potential. Oh, and the castle, I love that. I'm also entirely happy to read a fic where Agatha, Gil and Tarvek set up a very loud, politically complicated, moderately scandalous (well, she is a heterodyne, she'd probably be living up to expectations) home together.

But yes, Jager backstory, Krosp, the castle... it's all good.

There wasn't even close to enough of this show.
I just want more-- more Charlie, more Dani, more Ted, more Olivia, more Rachel and more Jane Seever, because there are all these stories that never got told, all this background and potential futures. Slash, het, gen, anything. Past fic, present fic, future fic-- I'd like something that sort of keeps the feel of the show. I like conventional and unconventional pairings in this show-- I suppose I just like seeing how they interact with each other, how they made those connections or how they would have, if they met. And I like the awkwardness, the way they're all kind of broken or bent, and how they fit with each other despite (because?) of this. I like the relationships they have with each other, how they're all knotted up with each other - Charlie and Dani, Charlie and Rachel, Charlie and Ted. I'd also be interested in seeing more of the stuff we didn't get a chance to see-- like how Rachel and Dani would react to each other if they got to spend more time in the same room, or Dani and Jane, if Ted ever ended up making dinner for four or more (because you have to pity him a bit, and then you have to kind of laugh). Actually, Ted and anyone is good thing.
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