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Firstly, went to see the Gothic Nightmares exhibition at the Tate last Saturday with the lovely and charming [ profile] kabukivice, and yet again it is proved that people that are cool on the internet are cool in person.

I heartly recommend this exhibition. Gloomth, people! Actual gloomth! Also, gods, goddesses, bondage, witches, elves, decaptitations, spirits, Shakespeare and porn. Yep, explicit foursomes and people doing obscene things under an alter to Priapus.

As weird as the UK political system is, it's even weirder that it mostly works. And some old news from 2004, but Peru drugs hidden in giant squid

Also, the very talented Dylan Meconis (aka [ profile] quirkybird) of Bite Me fame has another project started. Family Man, starring Luther from Bite Me. Werewolves, yay!

I'm trying to get back in to writing, but inspiration is playing silly buggers. Grr.
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I have to share this moment of pure WTF? with you all.

A criminal inquiry is being carried out after a film apparently showing a Royal Marine recruit being beaten unconscious was leaked to a newspaper.

Full article here

Twelve new recruits who had just finished their 32-week commando training were alleged to have taken part in the initiation ritual, while around 40 other marines - also stripped naked - watched.

The fight appears to have been "directed" by two non-commissioned officers. One was dressed in a surgeon's outfit, the other dressed as a schoolgirl.

I mean... what?


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