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General notes

Hello! We have mutual excellent taste in at least one fandom! So hopefully, you'll have fun writing your yuletide. Don't feel bound by anything I say below-- yuletide should be fun for the giving as well as the getting, so I hope whatever you write, you love.

What I like:

Lots of things! Pining, resolution, mythology, food, music, dragons, people being *good*, tension, tea, family, hope, gen, het, slash, femslash, gen-that-feels-like-slash, slash-that-feels-like-gen, bystander POV, people not-saying the thing they're saying, clich├ęs, noir, cross-overs and AUs that keep the characters who they are, ghosts, secrets, writing, books, what happens next. I really don't expect you to include all those, or even know how you would.

What I don't like:

I don't necessarily go for pure fluff (I like the endings to feel deserved), but I don't like it when things are devoid of hope. I hate bastardization of characters. I'm not massively attached to OTPs, either-- I have my preferences, but they're not set in stone. PWP don't really interest me unless they come paired with interesting character dynamics.

Fandom specifics

Petshop of Horrors
I still love this series and I love Leon Orcot. I would especially appreciate anything set that incorporates Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo and anything that makes use of mythology-- Firebirds and Raven and Coyote. Would love it if Leon had come across anything in his travels (or something had come across him)-- I like the idea that there's some kind of trace left over in him, something that makes Other Worldly stuff recognise him as... something. Pairing-wise, I prefer Count D/Leon, but will happily read anything. Oh, and bonus points for Jill, beause she was pretty awesome too.

Inspector Chen
How great is this series (unless you're here because of another fandom match, in which case, take my word for it, it's amazing). I'm happy for everything here, gen, het, slash, multiple. I'm very attached to the relationship Zhu Irzh has with Chen and Inari (and yes, gen-het-slash) does apply there, but I would also love backstory on the characters, or what-happens-next. Robin's relationship with Mhara, her perspective on the world. Other mythology brought in. How Chen balances his relationships with the demons he loves, the heaven he serves. How Inari *lives*, how she can thrive. Even Jhai, who I don't exactly like, but who I can admire.

Girl Genius
I love the Jagers. I also love Agatha, which makes my desire for jager backstory harder to wrangle-- and I'll be honest, I selected those characters, but I'm happy to read about pretty much anyone in the books. There's so much left for us to fill in the blanks! And there's the castle! Gen, het, slash, whatever (hey, the castle has labs, a library and a seraglio!). It's just such a great series, I love the humour and the seriousness, I love the characters, I love the potential.

Good Wife
This is another series which is just so good I have trouble dealing with it. I love Alicia, and I find her interesting. I'll happily see her paired with Will or Kalinda (or really, I'd read her with pretty much anyone that isn't Peter). I also love Eli, and I love his interaction with Alicia-- I love Alicia dealing with Will and Kalinda (the affection! the respect! the competence!) too. I'd go for any story which has Alicia finding her way, or being justifiably angry and *acting* on it. I'd also go for anything which has Eli or Kalinda or Will POV, because those are rarer

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