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A quote from L.E.G.I.O.N. 23: "I was his pet and he was my master. That's the way it was. Not his fault any more than it was mine."

Back story, back story, back story. The Durlan is about the closest thing Vril Dox has to a friend. He gets timeswapped, disappears off and is replaced by Phase from the future. Vril doesn't take this well (outwardly cold, then breaking up computers, crying on graves and saying, "Why did you leave me, Durlan?")

In issue 23, the Durlan is still in the future and writing his autobiography.

When Durlan met Vril...
The Durlan was captured by the computer tyrants of Colu and experimented on by Braniac I (the evil one), until Vril Dox II (the one that's... well, not evil so much as conscience-deprived)
In prison... )
The dramatic rescue! )
He's kind of a brat in this scene. )
Cradled in his hands... )
Training your Durlan to talk... He really should have started off with a puppy. )
Another explanation of why I love Vril: my general love for prematurely aged vatborn clones with evil fathers. )
Semi-naked wrestling with the shape-changing tentacle aliens! )
Hold me! )
Still kind of a bastard. )
I'd have done whatever he wanted me to, anyway. )
Okay, that's pretty disgusting. )
He doesn't like Bek, does he? I think he's just jealous. )

I want an intelligent shape-changing tentacle monster for a pet!


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