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So, I have an interview on Monday for a job I am not especially qualified for, but also not exactly unqualified for-- it doesn't ask for things I haven't got (like, say, experience), but it is for something I don't have any experience in (secretary/researcher).

The interview is on Monday, and apart from general interview anxities, there's the added bonus of me having no suitable clothes.

None. They're all in the post, since I wasn't expecting a job this early. Eek!

Aside from that, I've been having fun watching St Trinians, a set of black and white films dealing the girls' school from hell, populated by "fiends in human form". There's just something about anarchic girls in gym-slips that I find intrinsically appealing.

I'm also revelling in the joy of new Batman Beyond comics, thanks to [ profile] buggery. Terry! Bruce! Something to tide me over while my remaining stash of books works it way back to me.

And I'm going to the Proms with my aunt this evening. We went the day after I got back, and she booked a bunch of tickets. One of the nice things about going with her is that she does tour management, so we go back stage and I get to listen to orchestra gossip. Oh, so it's about people I don't know and sometimes in languages I can just about say my name in, but it's still fun. Gossip! Whisperings about various conductors and national politics as it applies to the hiring of new conductors in Germany! Yay!


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