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He let Filia make the introductions. No point shocking them with his all-but-adult form, no matter how tempting it was to see their reactions. And Filia was pretty good at this, having learnt a few things since she first met Lina and company, like making sure there was a lot of food to distract them from asking questions. In fact, he noticed that she held some stuff in reserve, enough for Lina, Gourry and Amelia to concentrate on getting their fair share, rather than her deliberate prattle about how Val-chan was growing up so much quicker, how he seemed to remember some things- and that was timed with desert- and how, perhaps, it was time for him to see a little more of the world.

The chimera didn't eat, and was obviously making notes on everything Filia said. Val was 50% sure that Lina was hearing every word too, even if her mouth was too full to comment on it.

He decided to make his appearance by bring in coffee and biscuits. They weren't subtle about keeping their eyes on him, and he saw more than one pair of eyes widen at his appearance.

"Geez, you look young enough to have to sneak into pubs," Lina said. "I remember when you were this big," and she held her hands an eggs-length apart. "And now look at you! Almost all grown up. Again." She titled her head on her side. "What are you know, twelve? Fourteen?"

He scowled. He looked at least sixteen and he knew it, and Lina still looked like she was twelve, so she had no right to go around commenting on other people, only to be interrupted by Gourry. "Lina, that's not nice. You know how sensitive you get when people say you look like a twelve year old boy."


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