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But I'm off to the states for a week on Monday (two days in DC, two days in NY for work, then Saturday for myself an Sunday to fly out at the crack of dawn), so I figured I should make a post about that, at least.

I've been having mild comics nostalgia, brought about by the new series of R.E.B.E.L.S. The nostalgia has been accompanied by the obligatory "Why do I know more about this character's continuity than the writers?", but not massively. Still, there's only been three issues, so there's plenty of time left!

I've also been reading the Master and Commander series, which are just genuinely good reads in a number of ways. Historical fiction, at it's best, has a thing of making you believe in that era, but isn't restricted by it-- that is, it can present issues and morals and so on for the characters, make you believe they have (or don't have) those... while not actually presenting those things as actively bad or good. The characters are very much a product of their time, but the writer isn't. And part of that means that you know (and you know the writer knows) just how much being a product of that time, of that environment can work against a character. At the same time, the voice, the narration is kept true through the whole thing, so you're not thrown out of the books by random 21st century moral sidenotes. They're fun books, and they do that thing of making me enjoy being absorbed in the early 19th century, while being bloody glad (especially as a woman) that I didn't have to put up with myself.


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