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Dear Yuletide,

A few general things: I like all kinds of fic, including gen, slash/femslash and het. I prefer fic about people that I like, or at least, am interested in. I'm a soft touch for bonds and connections between people that are sincere despite differences, despite the fact that sometimes these people are just different enough to almost be alien to one another.

I don't have any major squicks or triggers-- I prefer fic that's not hopeless and full of hurt (though hopeful and full of hurt) is fine. Although I prefer my fic not to be completely miserable and without hope, they don't have to happy ending. At a pinch, I'm also fond of a good I do like bystander fic.
Yeah, I know, being that easy isn't terribly helpful.

Request 1: Life (tv)

I want more of this fandom. More of all of it, more Charlie, more Dani, more Ted, more Olivia, more Rachel and more Jane Seever, because there are all these stories that never got told, all this background and potential futures. Slash, het, gen, anything. Past fic, present fic, future fic-- I'd like something that sort of keeps the feel of the show. I like conventional and unconventional pairings in this show-- I suppose I just like seeing how they interact with each other, how they made those connections or how they would have, if they met. And I like the awkwardness, the way they're all kind of broken or bent, and how they fit with each other despite (because?) of this. I like the relationships they have with each other, how they're all knotted up with each other - Charlie and Dani, Charlie and Rachel, Charlie and Ted. I'd also be interested in seeing more of the stuff we didn't get a chance to see-- like how Rachel and Dani would react to each other, or Dani and Jane, if Ted ever ended up making dinner for four or more (because you have to pity him a bit, and then you have to kind of laugh). Actually, Ted and anyone is good thing.

Request 2: The Mentalist

One of the things I like best about this series is the way you have these moments of pain or grief or loss, but you also have this group of people that are basically *warm* to each other. I like the bits of playfulness, I like the moments of sympathy. I like the way they don't necessarily mention those big things, but they all know they're there and they know that they're there for each other.

I also like the way you have people who are working in the same job, for the same team, but have different motivations, different moral or ethical codes, different reasons. Some of those differences haven't been pushed yet-- Jane's need to get Red John, Lisbon's responsibility to Jane, her team and the law, Cho's practicality, Rigsby's strong sense of the law, Van Pelt's slightly more old testament view on things.

I really like the relationship between Lisbon and Jane, but honestly, I could happily read about any of the team. They all interesting, together and separately.

Request 3: Petshop of Horrors

I pretty much always ask for this. I loved the series, I would love more fic, especially post-volume 10 fic or fic that ties in with Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo. I like noir and old school detective stuff and I would love some interesting mythology in there, possibly in the form of one of D's pets.

Request 4: Naomi Novik - Temeraire series

So my focus is usually on Temeraire and Laurence, but I would actually be pretty happy with anything here. I'd rather, on the whole, it was about characters that I liked- Laurence, Temeraire, Tharkay, Granby, Percitia, their crews, the dragons, Wellington. Again, gen, het or slash is all fine- I've liked fic in this fandom in all of those categories.

I think one of the things I like about the books is that you have all these characters that are being... well, noble. Doing their duty or fighting for their cause or wanting to make the world safer or better or fairer. I love that about Laurence (and that other love that about him too), I love that it makes him formal and awkward and so sincere, sometimes. I love that these characters are bold and brave (even if they're not fighters, like Percitia) and that there's all this love and honour and duty and... *sigh*.

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