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I'm not sure what more I can say that's not in the sign-up post, but here goes:

I'm pretty easy when it comes to fic. I like gen, het and slash, pairings and threesomes and solo fun, I'm rarely picky about pairings, I like serious stuff, I like lighter stuff, I like it fun, I like it angsty and although I prefer my fic not to be completely miserable and without hope, they don't have to happy ending. I do like bystander fic and backstory, fill in the gaps stuff, as well as what-ifs, as a general thing.

Yeah, I know, being that easy isn't terribly helpful.

Being Human
I do kind of adore this show. I love how they are with each other, I like the genuine care they show. and I love the whole feel of show, those bits that are dark and sad or just plain creepy. I enjoy speculating about Annie's past or how George and Mitchell met. Gen, het or slash is good, because what it's about for me here is the characters.

Dead Like Me
This is another show where some of the stuff that interests me is the stuff that's alluded to or hinted at -how sad Daisy's life and death might have been, why George could see Gravelings, Penny's past- and it's also one where I love the interaction between the characters and how complicated it can be, how they're a mixture of selfish and considerate, sternly indifferent and genuinely affectionate. And I'm perfectly happy to mix sex in with that, adding something to fic (and pretty much any pairing would be interesting here), but it's also not necessary.

Sarah Monette - Melusine series
This is one of those series that has me going "What if?" and "What was it like?" I really like Mildmay and -possibly slightly to my surprise- Felix as well, and the secondary characters are pretty great. I like that Shannon isn't just an evil ex, I adore Cardenio, I like people like Stephen and the wizards and Margot and... yes. And I should say straight off that I have no problem with Felix/Mildmay and wouldn't mind seeing more of that. Aside from that... well, I do have a whole bunch of things I like to speculate about -what if Felix had met Mildmay earlier? How did Mildmay and Cardenio become friends? What did Shannon really think, seeing Mildmay and Felix? What if, how was it...

Here Is Greenwood
This is a nostalgia fandom for me. I do have a huge soft-spot for Shinobu/Mitsuru, but I also have a weakness for unconventional pairings (Shinobu/Hasukawa, anyone?) and gen and I really like the canon pairings in this show. Igarashi rocks. Off stage stuff and family stuf would also be good.

That's all I can think of to say except have fun writing. Write something that makes you happy and that'll make me happy too.


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